Jared Cohn
A picture of Jared Cohn, director of the film "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table." Jared Cohn

Jared Cohn is a busy man who has three of his films releasing in May. The young and passionate filmmaker shot “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” in Thailand. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia the director spoke about his vision for the film and the problems he faced in the South East Asian country.

International Business Times, Australia: There have been so many versions of King Arthur's tale, but there is always a lot of interest. What attracted you to this subject?

Jared Cohn: It’s a fascinating subject, and we took a completely different approach to it. Huge shout out to the writer Scotty Mullen and the production company The Asylum who believed in me to helm it. I hope the fans enjoy the movie. It certainly is different from all other King Arthur movies made.

IB Times: Merlin in the movie is more of a warrior than a wizard. Can you please tell our readers a little about the character development and your vision?

Cohn: I wanted him to be a fighter. Back then you had to be tough to survive. He still has magic but he kicks a-s. Shout out to Harold Diamond who brought that character to life. On a side note he was in the original Rambo and was the guy who had that great stick fight with Rambo/Stallone himself.

IB Times: What are the filming locations of the film? What challenges did you face during production?

Cohn: We shot in Thailand, which has amazing locations, and the movie has cool sci-fi elements to it, which makes it different from all other King Arthur movies. The challenges were the tight schedule, it always helps to have a few more days so I can spend more time designing more creative shots.

IB Times: Are there any interesting behind the scenes anecdotes you can share with our readers?

Cohn: The food in Thailand sometimes didn’t sit so well in my stomach, I am a very basic eater and it seems overtime I travel places outside the states something in my belly always takes a hit. So I had to deal with that. And the language barrier sometimes can be a touch difficult to deal with. But luckily many people there speak English. I wish I knew every language. I feel stupid not being able to communicate with people.

IB Times: You have two other films releasing in May. How do you manage the work schedule with multiple projects?

Cohn: I love to be working and distracted from real life. Real life can suck quite a bit and work really helps me to keep sane and focused. It’s what I love and I think it’s my purpose in life, to make movies and hopefully one day to also work in TV. Thank you for interviewing me.

King Arthur
A poster of the film "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table." Jared Cohn