'The Last Kingdom'
A picture of Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the TV series "The Last Kingdom." Facebook/ The Last Kingdom

“The Last Kingdom” series 2 episode 3 took Uhtred to the ends of the known world and back. And in this journey the hero was made to suffer, and attempts were made to break his spirit. The following article contains spoilers.

After being sold into slavery, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) still had his pride. But, the harsh work, little to no food, and the cold weather, did take their toll on his body. The slavers took him as far as Iceland, where he nearly managed to escape. Just when he and his companions reached a boat to escape, an arrow stopped one of his men, and the good hearted lord chose to save his friend rather than run away.

Meanwhile, Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann), who was set free by Alfred (David Dawson), went to search for his brother. However, Uhtred was on the slave ship by then. All he could do was wait for the ship to return.

King Guthred (Thure Lindhardt) gained nothing by sending his savior and friend out into slavery. Uhtred’s uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson) almost broke the alliance when he found out that his nephew is still alive. It was Abbot Eadred’s offer of getting the king’s sister married to Aelfric that saved the alliance in “The Last Kingdom’ series 2 episode 3.

Believing the alliance to be dead, the Viking brothers Eric and Sigefrid went on a rampage, pillaging villages and unleashing chaos. Meanwhile, the King’s sister runs away, making it difficult for the alliance to hold. Aelfric agrees to give his support to Guthred only after the marriage, to which he agreed only after learning that she is in love with Uhtred.

Aelfric also sends word to kjartan (Alexandre Willaume) about the Uhtred being sold into slavery. When the slave ship returns, Sven (Ole Christoffer Ertvaag) and his men are waiting. But, just when he is about to kill Uhtred, Ragnar and his men appear out of nowhere and save the day.

Uhtred then goes to look for Gisela (Peri Baumeister), who he finds is “married” to his uncle. In his haste, Abbot Eadred married the King’s sister without her consent to Aelfric by making his man stand in his place, and he finished the marriage through proxy. He did not even read the vows, just pronounced them to be married.

Abbot Eadred underestimated Uhtred this time, and the warrior, though he hesitated initially, ran his blade through the priest. He then returned with his brother to King Alfred, who was busy building an alliance by offering his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Alfred explained to Uhtred that someone has to answer for the murder of Abbot Eadred. The king gave the warrior a choice, either the latter enter back in service by offering his sword, or Ragnar will go on trial for the death.

Uhtred was reluctant to be a prisoner again after being a slave, but in the end relented. He got down on his knee to offer his service. So, a man whose spirit could not be broken by hunger, by being chained to the oars of a ship, or the lashes that came with it, was forced to humble himself out for the loyalty for his brother in “The Last Kingdom” series 2 episode 3.