'Black Sails'
A picture of actor Luke Arrnold as Long John Silver in Starz TV series "Black Sails." Facebook/ Black Sails

The long journey of the pirates that began in Nassau with a quest for the Urca gold will come to an end with “Black Sails” season 4 episode 10. A preview video of the finale shows the painful end of the long journey of the pirates from Nassau, but there is still hope for a few that remain. The following article contains spoilers.

The preview video [see below] promise an end to the story unlike any other the viewers have seen so far. After Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) launched his attack in the previous episode, his men will finish the job in the finale. The soldiers take out the remaining pirates one by one from their boats.

The pirates are in a desperate situation after being forced to abandon their ship due to a fire. Floating in the water, there is little room to seek cover against the British soldiers. While many, or most, are expected to die; there will be some who will survive. Rogers wants Flint (Toby Stephens) captured alive,probably because the latter knows the location of the remaining treasure of the Urca de Lima.

While Madi (Zethu Dlomo) has survived so far on the show, “Black Sails” season 4 episode 10 is not looking good for the character. The preview video shows a knife wielding hand reaching for her throat. The hand appears to be that of Billy Bones (Tom Hopper), the man who is arguably the instrument of the defeat the pirates now face.

Long John Silver (Luke Arnold) will also survive, but his relationship with Flint has been changed forever after recent events. The Pirate King will be saved by Rackham (Toby Schmitz), and the two characters are seen on a boat together in the preview video.

Things have not been easy for Rackham as well. The character suffered a major blow when the captain he hired to get him to Skeleton Island suddenly died of a heart attack. The possibility of him finding his way seemed slim at that time, but it appears as though he will find the place in the finale.

While Flint and the pirates try to keep their dream of freedom alive, Rogers appears hell bent on wiping them all out. The Governor can be seen unleashing another wave of attack on the pirates from his ship in the preview video of “Black Sails” season 4 episode 10. It is not clear who the targets of his canons are in the finale.

Credit: Facebook/ Black Sails