Elizabeth Debicki as Dr. Anna Macy (left), Matthew Le Nevez as Detective Brian Dutch (right). Foxtel

The first episode of “The Kettering Incident” season 1 was recently released in the UK on Feb. 15. However, the first season already finished showing in Australia back in August. Since the announcement of the UK release of the first instalment, many are asking again when the second season will be released.

According to the statement released on the show's official Facebook page in December, the second instalment was in early stages of development. The producers were apparently in early talks with Foxtel. However, fans cannot assume that the second season of the series will be showing in 2017. “We are extremely excited for our line up in 2017 but regrettably we are unable to confirm if we will be airing a second season of The Kettering Incident or Secret City at this stage," a Foxtel spokesperson said.

Foxtel's Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said, “Foxtel is passionate about storytelling and we continue to look for those quality productions which meet the audience appetite for Australian stories and tell them in an impactful and meaningful way.” For him, it was difficult to underestimate the scale of surprise when the audience responded well to “The Kettering Incident.”

Walsh said to The Australian, “I knew that we had something special on our hands but I wasn’t prepared for the incredible reaction we had to it.” However, it seems that the show will not be part of Foxtel’s 2017 lineup. Although it is good news that the series is being it worked on, it may be quite disappointing for some who might expect it this year.

“Our fans demand that we tie up some storylines that were ­unravelled in the first instalment. A second series of Kettering is something that is in our plans for the next couple of years,” Walsh revealed.