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Anna Macy played by Elizabeth Debicki. Showcase Channel

There are numerous fans of the hit Australia show “The Kettering Incident.” According to reports, it is currently in the early works. Furthermore, the co-creator Vicki Madden says that it will be both “deeper and darker” compared to the first season.

The second instalment of the award-winning Tasmanian mystery series still has no set release date. However, co-creator of the show Vicki Madden said that there were already ideas developed for the upcoming installment. During the finale episode of the first season, many questions were answered. On the other hand, there were a lot more new questions that were left unanswered.

Even if many fans thought that the finale episode was “the worst finale ever,” Madden said that she was able to develop ideas for the second series. “I have developed a story outline for series two that Foxtel will take a look at and then we will discuss,” she said in an interview with The Mercury in January.

“Money has to be raised for such a huge project and that takes a lot of time. If we all agree on what we want, then we will be commissioned to write. Depending on when we’re clear to start, it will take me about five to six months to write depending on my other writing commitments. I intend to write all of series two,” she added.

Madden said a lot about the early developments of the second season of “The Kettering Incident.” However, she did not reveal anything plot-wise. She said that she couldn't give away any spoilers, preferring to always heighten the tension and mystery of the show. She added that “the deeper and darker” she could go, the better it would be for the show.

Since the release of the first season of the “The Kettering Incident,” it has been awarded numerous titles such as the Special Jury Prize at the Series Mania Festival in Paris. Furthermore, the show was claimed to be the best telefeature or miniseries at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award in December. Elizabeth Debicki also won best actress for her role in the series.

The show was filmed around Kettering, Bruny Island, Hobart and parts of the Derwent Valley. In the first season of the show, the eight-part Foxtel series centred on the unusual happenings around Kettering. It also focused on the main protagonist Anna Macy (played by Elizabeth Debicki).

As of time of writing, it is reported that Madden is currently in the middle of creating another series. This could possibly delay the release of “The Kettering Incident” season 2 to at least the year 2018, according to reports.