'The Kettering Incident' season 1
A poster from the Australian mystery thriller 'The Kettering Incident' featuring lead actress Elibeth Debicki. Facebook/The Kettering Incident

Sky Atlantic’s spooky new drama “The Kettering Incident” is all set for a UK debut. The Australian “binge-worthy” mystery will see “The Spy” actress Elizabeth Debicki in the lead. Debicki was last seen on BBC’s acclaimed drama “The Night Manager” as Jed, an innocent pawn in a high-stakes international arms dealing game.

Spoiler Alert: The section below contains spoiler details about the show. Read on only if you want to know the plot before the show airs Wednesday, Feb. 13 in the UK.

Two Tasmania girls, Anna and Gillian, come across an array of dazzling lights and strange noises while trying to make their way through the “forbidden” forest. The light and the noise seem to be coming from a craft hovering over tree tops. Gillian runs towards the lights and eight hours later the 14-year-old Anna is found, terrified and covered in blood.

Fifteen years after, Anna (now played by Debicki) is all grown up, working as a doctor in London. She seems to be suffering from regular nosebleeds and can’t account for what she’s been doing for long gaps of time. On the advice of a colleague who seems to believe she is suffering from stress, Anna decides to take a break in her native Tasmania.

The next time Anna appears, she is lying in a car parked in the middle of a remote road in Tasmania.“It’s not clear how she got there,” explains Vicki Madden, co-creator and producer of “The Kettering Incident.” “But she isn’t welcomed back by everybody when she hitches a ride into town. Some people still believe she was responsible for Gillian’s disappearance,” Madden adds, according to a Daily Mail report.

When Anna returns to town, she finds the town trying to survive an ongoing clash between environmentalists and local loggers. The environmentalists want to preserve the surrounding forests while businessmen want to exploit them.

Meanwhile, a second girl goes missing by the time Anna returns. The latter is suspected of involvement in the girl’s disappearance. It is then when Anna decides to get to the bottom of what’s really going on in town.

Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal as Dr Anna Macy, a woman whose life has been affected by a terrible childhood incident, is praise-worthy. She has won as Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama at the AACTA Awards 2016. “The Kettering Incident” is an eight-episode thriller, shot entirely on location in Tasmania. The show debuts Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on Sky Atlantic. Australian viewers can watch the show Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on Foxtel.