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A still from the Australian zombie drama, Glitch. Facebook/Glitch

One of Australia’s favourite TV series, “Glitch,” is all set to return with a second season, after the zombie drama officiously made it to the top with the first season that left viewers’ heads reeling with questions. Production for “Glitch” season 2 has already began in Melbourne, and it has been told that the shooting will continue until end of March.

“Glitch,” which is about seven people who have inexplicably returned from the dead, is a brainchild of Louise Fox of “Dead Europe” fame, and Tony Ayres who is better known for “The Slap.” It is being produced in association with Matchbox Pictures. It is also believed that Netflix will co-produce the series, although no official record has been made as of yet.

According to an ABC press release, “Glitch” season 2 will see viewers witnessing “the Risen” unravelling the mystery of how and why they have returned while facing a lethal threat. “We can’t wait for our audience to see where the story goes. We want to deliver on the promise of answers and keep the thrills and spills coming,” Louise Fox said in October, according to

“Glitch” season 2 lineup includes Hollywood biggies like Patrick Brammall, Rodger Corser, Emma Booth, Emily Barclay and Sean Keenan. They will also be joined by the budding stars including Rob Collins, Luke Arnold and Pernilla August.

“We left our audience with so many questions at the end of the first series,” Tony Ayres was reported as saying. “Season two is our chance to answer some of these questions, whilst further exploring the confusing, messy and joyous miracle of being given a second chance at life.”

According to the ABC head of scripted production, Sally Riley, the show had broken the mould for ABC drama with audiences flocking to binge-watch the paranormal mystery which has been described as “fantastic.” “In 2017 we are going to shock, surprise and thrill fans, both returning and new, with what we have in store for Season Two," Sally said further talking about what viewers can expect from the upcoming season.

The 6 episodes of “Glitch” season 2 will have a runtime of 60 minutes each. The show is slated to air on the ABC TV in Australia, and on Netflix internationally.