Destiny April Update
"Destiny" April update will launch on April 12. Bungie

Bungie is about to deploy the melee attack system that will aim to make punches and hits more accurate for those who prefer direct, close-contact hints when playing “Destiny.”

The download for the patch will be automatic, as Bungie had stated in the Weekly Update. However, the developer is looking forward to feedback from the community regarding the changes. The goal is to see whether or not the changes will improve overall gameplay. If they do, the changes will be permanent.

Since the “Destiny” Spring Update has just been recently deployed, Bungie is taking a break from revealing new things coming for the game. But the team is not taking a break from its Twitch live stream. The full schedule for the Twitch live streams is out, and mos of them are giving a look at some of the popular aspects of “Destiny.”

On May 11, a day after the patch deployment, Bungie will relive the panel discussion that was held during ComiCon. The discussions will centre around the development of weapons, characters and worlds in the game.

The week after, the developers will face-off against Oryx’s final form, complete with a commentary on the lore that surrounds “Destiny The Taken King.” Finally, on May 25, Bungie will take “Destiny” fans through the maps of Crucible with tips and narratives on the creative process.

In related “Destiny” news, a new fan had spotted a way to get the guns out of the way of the screen, a helpful way to bring varied shots into the scene. According to Gamerant, the glitch allows players to lower their guns and give a new angle for better clip making for sharing to the “Destiny” community.

All players have to do is get a sword-type weapon and a place where they can swing their swords via a melee attack. The player will then need to switch weapons halfway through the animation then press the melee attack button three times fast.

Some players have stated that there are some conditions that can take away the glitch, such as double jumping or sprinting. However, some commenters in the Reddit thread have experimented with the glitch.

One Reddit user meog stated that having the Bones of Eao equipped on a hunter allows double jumps without removing the glitch. But the Redditor also adds that any jumps can be done so long as they are not done rapidly.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Bungie will patch this glitch. As far as the discussions go, these are usually made to let players create fun videos to share to the community. This is not harmful, unlike usual glitches which are used to cheat on the progress of the players.

What would be interesting is if Bungie would provide a permanent method to lower guns as an option apart from the glitch, especially with the attention that the community is currently giving this glitch. For those who want to try out the glitch can check out how it looks like in the video below.

"Destiny" no gun glitch (Credit: YouTube/Widgeon TV)