Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift will have a Retail Experience at participating Best Buy stores. Oculus

Developments on the field of VR has been progressing beyond the VR headsets. There’s a new VR app that aims to bring some of the features from the more expensive VR headsets onto the cheaper smaller headsets.

This app is called the VRidge from developer Riftcat, and it is reportedly meant to bring an adapted stereoscopic output and a head-tracking input from the likes of the Oculus Rift to the smartphone app, Android Police reported. This results in games being played on cheaper headsets, which essentially are more reasonable and attainable to more people.

There’s already a video, seen below, showing how PC VR can be played via mobile. According to the report, VRidge is possible as it takes advantage of features like motion tracking and screen capabilities that enable mobile to be a good platform for the app.

Currently, VRidge is still in beta. Additionally, the way to play is still pretty challenging, as the players need to hold up the headsets with one hand and play games with the other hand. Hopefully, improvements can be made to enable all the games to be played using the service.

There’s another VR tool, this time from Nvidia. The Ansel screenshot too is set to let users have better in-game phototaking when using the VR headsets. Road to VR reported that the Ansel’s output can now be previewed using the likes of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard, though only through screenshots.

The launch is imminent though not yet set with a solid release date. However, there’s already a list of games that the Nvidia Ansel will support, including The Witcher 3,” “No Man’s Sky” and Tthe Division.”

These new improvements are the better advancements in the VR scene. Recently, Oculus Rift is still aiming to fulfill orders for its early adopters. The start of its Best Buy retail experience has been mixed, as there have been reports of some customers who have less than stellar experiences.

Between miscommunication and stocks running too low for any realistic chances of getting an Oculus Rift, there’s a lot going on that fans are expressing frustration over. One such case is from Redditor omega5314, who had been misinformed of the date for picking up an Oculus Rift in Best Buy. It even resulted in the Reddit user placing an order for an HTC Vive instead.

The Retail Experience is supposed to bring the Oculus Rift to select 48 branches of Best Buy. This will let customers experience the VR headset and even have a chance to get one of the very limited stocks in-stores in May 7.