"Minecraft" birthday skin pack for Xbox One, Xbox 360. Mojang

Mojang is giving “Minecraft Wii U Edition” a much-needed Nintendo feel. Starting on May 17, a Super Mario Mash-up pack will be released to this version of the game.

The free mash-up pack will show off a few Mario-themed worlds, as revealed over the Mojang blog. There will also be 16 original super-tunes from the Mario 64, a Mario-themed texture pack and a couple of skins that will bring up the total to 40 characters to play as.

“Minecraft Wii U Edition” will finally bring to life Mario and Luigi, as well as the princesses and a couple more characters, such as the Hammer Bros and the Piranha Plant into the mix.

The free update will be downloadable for current owners of “Minecraft Wii U Edition” on May 17. It will also be released as a retail version together with the full game. This version will be available in-stores from June 17, for those who want to make the Wii U edition a perfect gift for those playing on the Nintendo console.

To get a glimpse of what the Super Mario mash-up pack will bring to the “Minecraft Wii U Edition,” the developer has released a video showing the pack. Seen below, the video even features an entire blocky statue of Mario made in “Minecraft.”

Since “Minecraft” is already celebrating its fourth birthday on Xbox consoles, there’s a birthday skin pack made for the occasion. Over at the Xbox Wire, the developer announced the 4th Birthday Skin Pack, coming for both the “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition” and “Minecraft Xbox One Edition,” both of which are free of charge.

The previous birthday skin packs will also be available for download, which is good news for those who are just coming in to “Minecraft” this year. A sneak peek of the skins can be seen in the screenshot above.

"Minecraft" Super Mario mash-up pack (Credit: YouTube/TeamMojang)