Humble Bundle Spring Sale
Humble Bundle Spring Sale 2016 sees new games discounted every day. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has kicked off its Spring Sale, and with it comes a number of discounted titles for the PC. The sale is already on its fourth day of the sale. The great titles that one can avail of include “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,” “Dying Light: The Following,” “Road Not Taken,” “Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate,” “The Flame in the Flood” and “99 Spirits.”

The Spring Sale follows previous Humble Bundle sales, wherein there are different sales per day like flash sale deals. The titles are unveiled only on the day that they will be discounted, so it’s best to keep checking the Humble Bundle store for updates.

For those who missed Day 3 can still check it out in the Yesterday’s Deals, but those are time-limited as well. Some of the games from Day 3 include “The Escapists: The Walking Dead,” “Warhammer Quest,” “Amnesia: Memories,” “Zombiei Vikings,” “Void Destroyer,” “Surgeon Simulator” and “Costume Quest.”

Besides the Spring Sale, there’s a Humble Eye Candy Bundle ongoing. This is the latest pay-what-you-want bundle currently being offered. Over at the official Humble Bundle website, the entire promo offers up to US$96 (approx. AU$130) worth of games.

For the first tier, players can get “Human Resource Machine,” “Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut” and “A Boy and His Blob.” Paying for the second tier, which is the current average of US$5.19 (approx. AU$7) will unlock “Mini Metro,” “Mushroom 11” and “Towerfall Ascension.” Paying US$10 (approx. AU$14) will unlock “Evoland 2.”

As usual, those who are just trying Humble Bundle for the first time can avail of the 10 percent coupon for new subscribers of Humble Monthly. There’s also a free downloadable Eye Candy flavour pack, which features the artwork of the games in the bundle.

Humble Bundle also announced the June Humble Monthly, which discounts one of the more fun titles to date. According to DualShockers, next month’s monthly deal include “Rocket League” as the early unlock title. What this means is that even those who are new to the service can unlock the game by being a pre-purchaser of the June monthly bundle.

For US$12 (approx. AU$16), “Rocket League” can be downloaded alongside four to six more games for just that one fee alone. This is a pretty great deal, considering that “Rocket League” is almost US$20 (approx. AU$27).