Fallout 4
"Fallout 4" 1.5 update will bring support for Far Harbor DLC. Bethesda

While the “Far Harbor” expansion is still slated over a week from now, PS4 players can already check out some trophies that have been leaked online. There seems to be a total of 10 trophies, nine of them are bronze trophies and the last one is a silver.

Gameranx has listed the different names and tasks for attaining the trophy. The likes of Hooked, New England Vacationer and Push back the Fog are all required to explore the Far Harbor in different ways. It can involve defeating some Far Harbor sea creatures, discovering some locations in Far Harbor and unlocking workshop locations.

Other trophies for the expansion include Close to Home, the only silver trophy, Far from Home, Where You Belong, The Way Life Should Be, Cleansing the Land, Just Add Saltwater and The Islander’s Almanac.

In time with the Far Harbor DLC, the expected 1.5 update for “Fallout 4’ has also already been deployed on the PS4 and Xbox One. As earlier reported, Survival Mode is the biggest addition that the update has brought. This will now more challenges for players, as there will no longer be fast travel, while there are more danger, diseases, higher lethality and more complexities involving sleep.

Bethesda has expounded on what the new Survival mode entails via its official blog. It appears that the development of the Survival mode came by tweaking with the Game Jam to try bringing some changes to the title.

Primarily, tough choices are now a part of surviving in the new “Fallout 4” mode. Bethesda has tweaked with particular areas of the game’s four pillars. Strategy now requires mode intense decisions, specifically on whether or not combats should be engaged or not.

The Exploration pillar is encouraging players to explore further what can be seen in the game. Players also now have to be more careful about what kind of items they should have in the world, as some may be easier to acquire, therefore not necessary to horde. Finally, Role Playing has become more realistic in terms of the world and the issues that the player will have to face in “Fallout 4.”

For those who are looking to play Far Harbor, the new update also has support for the expansion. There are also a few bugs that are fixed in the game, thanks to the update. The beta testing invite should also have been in the emails of those who are eligible to access it, Bethesda announced over its Twitter page.

Far Harbor for “Fallout 4” is set to release on May 19. Players should get ready to go in depth and on their toes the next time they explore “Fallout 4” in the Survival Mode.

"Fallout 4" Far Harbor DLC trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)