Uncharted 4
"Uncharted 4" will have a tie-in mobile game, "Uncharted: Fortune Hunter." PlayStation Blog

The “Uncharted 4” hype has been building up ever since Naughty Dog announced that it was going to be the conclusion to the long-time and long-loved franchise. The first impressions of the game have already started to trickle in, and the good news is that the game does not seem to disappoint.

Reviews have been consistent in one thing—it provides a different view of Nathan Drake compared to previous “Uncharted” titles. Whether it’s giving a more personal glimpse of the hero, one who has traded adventuring for a more domestic life, Time reported. This gives a more toned down yet intimate depiction of Nathan Drake—at least until his brother steps into the picture to bring him back to the world of adventure one more time.

Polygon’s review also emphasises this particularly different direction, one that makes the conclusion to the “Uncharted” series. While there are still the trademark action sequences, it’s the intimate moments that give players a glimpse of who Nathan Drake may truly be.

This does echo what the developer had planned for “Uncharted 4.” Game Director Bruce Straley had revealed in an interview with Telegraph that the creation of the game had revolved around the flaws and frivolities of the relationships between the characters.

“Somehow [Nate’s] relationship with adventure is related to something about what Sam had when they were kids,” said Straley to Telegraph. “And so getting to the origins of it all - that’s what Sam allows us to do, is getting to the foundation of the adventuring that Nathan Drake is addicted to.”

There is still a few days before “Uncharted 4” official drops on the PS4. However, as a budding trend in gaming nowadays, fans can already get some form of a head-start with a tie-in mobile title.

Dubbed as “Uncharted: Fortune Hunter,” the mobile game is based on the “Uncharted” series, with hero Nathan Drake still at the helm of it all. The game features action-puzzles, which are themed after the “Uncharted” series. As is Nathan Drake’s goal in the game, “Uncharted: Fortune Hunter” will have players uncovering the different treasures of the world.

This will be done via puzzle solving, with over 200 deadly puzzle chambers and six unique adventures to go through. There are over 50 treasures that can be obtained across four worlds, and the players can partner up with Sully.

The biggest upside to playing “Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is the bonus multiplayer rewards that players can use in “Uncharted 4.” These include getting skins, relics and some one-time-use boosters for the game. These rewards can be obtained by completing some of the adventures in “Uncharted: Fortune Hunter,” so long as the player connects and signs in to the PlayStation Network.

There should be a save file for “Uncharted 4” in the account so the rewards can be transferred. However, since “Uncharted 4” has not yet launched, linking the mobile game to the PSN account will only go live on launch day, May 10. “Uncharted: Fortune Teller” is already available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

"Uncharted 4" trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)