Kate Lister Actress Sydney Film Festival
A picture of Aussie actress Kate Lister. October Coast

Aussie actress Kate Lister is becoming a familiar face in the horror genre, but she doesn’t want to restrict herself. As an actor, producer, and part time DJ; she has been juggling multiple roles in the past few years. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times Australia, Lister spoke about her career, her movies, and shared some advice for young Aussie actors who are trying to make it in the industry.

International Business Times Australia: You are getting a lot of recognition for your work in horror movies. What appeals to you the most about this genre?

Kate Lister: Horror is just such a challenging genre for an actor so I guess that was a draw card for me as I love to be challenged. I must say I can’t see myself taking on any roles in horror films any time soon, they are emotionally exhausting so I am now aiming for more Comedy and Drama. It is always fun playing out some of the crazy scenarios that occur in Horror films.

IB Times: What kind of roles do you like to play? Are you concerned about fan reactions if you play a baddie?

Lister: I love playing characters that are unique and far from my own personality. I’m not scared of fans reactions if I was to be an unlikeable character, that would be a lot of fun. I do think my character Connie in Fox Trap ( Don’t Blink) could have been unlikeable as she was the Queen Bee / Group Leader role in the film, at the premier I do remember a woman walking past me and snarling saying she’s glad I died….. I was pretty pumped that I had affected her so much, that was my job.

IB Times: You have so many projects that are releasing this year. How do you manage your time?

Lister: As you know post production can sometimes take up to two years so I am lucky enough to have time inbetween jobs to hang out with my incredible partner / family and friends and of course to take on some DJ gigs (that’s my 2nd job and love). In down time I also jump back into classes and produce and work on my own projects. I like to keep busy.

IB Times: Do you have a favourite movie of yours that you are excited for your fans to see his year?

Lister: “Drive me to the End” – that is the most recent film I shot in the UK. It’s a dark comedy so it was lots of fun to shoot. It was a very challenging character for me so I am excited to see how it translates on screen. My Character Sunny was on the autistic spectrum so I was terrified yet excited to work hard on giving a character like this a voice.

IB Times: What challenges did you face as an Aussie actress? What advice would you give young aussie actors trying to make it in the industry?

Lister: A big challenge for me is that the Australian film and TV industry is so small, so I would recommend to any actor to create their own work as it’s a hard life waiting around for other people to pick you.

IB Times: You have started your journey as a producer. What's it like to make that shift?

Lister: Being a producer is a tough job, I think they are totally under rated!! I have always acted in the projects I have produced so that was hard, changing hats consistently though-out shooting but I must say it’s extremely rewarding seeing your projects come together.