Developer Lab Zero has confirmed that “Indivisible,” an indie role playing game (RPG), has been successfully funded through Indiegogo. The game reached it’s US$1.5 million (approx. AU$2.05 million) goal and still has a few days left for funding, which means that the game might be able to reach a number of its stretch goals.

According to the Indiegogo campaign, some of the stretch goals include adding more music from the acclaimed Hiroki Kikuta. The composer has already made 60 minutes of music and he can make more if the Indiegogo campaign reaches the first stretch goal. The stretch goal is US$1.65 million (approx. AU$2.25 million).

Should the game reach its second stretch goal, “Indivisible” will have an animated opening from Titmouse & Mystery Anime Studio. If the game doesn’t reach the second stretch goal, then it will be interesting to see how the developers in Lab Zero improvise without an anime opening. The stretch goal is US$1.9 million (approx. AU$2.60 million).

“Indivisible” is an interesting RPG that mixes action-roleplaying elements with platforming, making it similar to titles like “Valkyrie Profile” and “Super Metroid.” Unlike “Valkyrie Profile” though, “Indivisible” focuses on mythologies from around the world including South East Asia which gives the RPG a diverse feeling.

The game stars a “rebellious tomboy,” named Ajna, who must travel the world and discover the true meaning of her powers in an epic adventure. During her quest, she will meet interesting characters, gain new abilities and traverse through a variety of different environments.

One of the more interesting elements of “Indivisible” is the number of guest stars in the game. According to Polygon, Juan from “Guacamelee,” Shovel Knight from “Shovel Knight” and several others are in the game and can join Ajna in her quest.

Fans interested in the game can pick up a prototype of “Indivisible” right now -- free of charge. The prototype is available in Windows, Linux, Mac, Steam and the PlayStation Network for PS4.

“Indivisible” will likely come out next year for the aforementioned platforms. There is currently no official release date, though fans should rest easy knowing that the game has been successfully funded since not all games get to share that luxury.

Indivisible - Indiegogo Campaign Video (Credit: YouTube/IndivisibleRPG)

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