A Florida organisation claimed to have found a way to get away with drunk driving and legally pass through DUI checkpoints while intoxicated. The organization posted a YouTube video to prove their claim, and seven days later, it reached more than two million views.

Titled “DUI Checkpoint, Civil Rights Audit,” the viral video shows Jason Gray going up to a Levy County checkpoint with the Fair DUI Flyer bearing the words “I REMAIN SILENT. NO SEARCHES. I WANT MY LAWYER.”

Although he was sober when he filmed the viral video, Gray can be seen in the video successfully passing through Florida checkpoints several times without opening his driver's side window. Instead, the cops just check a plastic bag hung from the window.

After checking his license, registration and insurance information in the bag, the cops let him go. However, the video cautions viewers that the Fair DUI Flyer Gray used is for Florida only and refers them to their website Fairdui.org for information about the laws in other states.

In response, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott told NBC-2 that “a law enforcement officer standing at a window open just enough to slide a piece of paper through is clearly obstruction” and Gray is “not going to like the outcome” if he uses the Fair DUI Flyer in Lee County.

According to Fort Myers defense attorney Scot Goldberg, exercising the right to remain silent, as stated in the Fair DUI Flyer, is not wrong but can draw more attention. Watch “DUI Checkpoint, Civil Rights Audit” here:


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