Temper tantrum
Inclusion of Child Temper Tantrums in New DSM Riles Critics Reuters/Jim Young

Toddler tantrums are common and have to be dealt with properly to avoid long term behavioral problems. It is a normal trait among children two to six years old and parents are advised by child psychiatrist to practice the right approaches to help raise their kids to become normal and well-balanced individuals.

1. Be prepared

Tantrums are an expression of a toddler's frustration over a need or want. Your goal as a parent is to address only the things that they need. You can avoid toddler tantrums by preparing the basic needs of your child such as food, milk or water and companionship. If you need to run errands with your young one, be sure to have all his needs attended to throughout the day by packing the right things.

2. Distract

Mayo Clinic recommends that you provide distractions for your child when he starts acting up. The best approaches would be to provide a toy or book or to change the location. These will help prevent boredom which leads to tantrums. If you feel that your child is overreacting, the best way to handle the situation is to ignore and wait for your child to calm down before giving him what he wants.

3. Give your toddler a hug

Toddler tantrums are sometimes caused by feelings of insecurity. Many young children throw fits because they feel uneasy or scared of being in a certain place or being surrounded by complete strangers. One of the best ways to handle the situation is to give your child a firm hug to show affection and security. According to Parents.com, hugs play a large role in making children feel secure and sending the message that you care, even when you don't agree with their behavior.

4. Offer rewards

Tell your child that he has the option to keep throwing a tantrum and not get anything in return or to calm down and behave until you are done with your activities. Offer a small reward for good behavior such as treating your child to ice cream or reading him a story before bedtime.

Parents should avoid overreacting to toddler tantrums. You have to stay in control from beginning to end to promote good behavior.

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