As thousands of Australian students are eagerly awaiting their Higher School Certificate results, they are being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to create their own degree.

The initiative, launched today by Think Education and Torrens University, bestows four lucky Australian students with the gift of designing and completing their own degree. The $80 000 AUD opportunity includes overseas study, job placement, travel, mentorships and a qualification they create themselves.

The prize is an invaluable gift for the four winners, especially in the current climate of the Australian workforce, which is sparse and competitive. Currently, over 900 thousand students are studying in Universities around Australia, and 5.8% of Australians are unable to find employment.

The initiative is being endorsed by three time Olympic Gold Medalist, Stephanie Rice. This is the Australian swimming champion's second time partnering with Think Education, Rice prides herself on her active advocacy for youth and education.

IBT talked exclusively with Rice, who will have a huge sway in picking the four winners. Rice described the attributes she will be searching for among the applicants, “I’m definitely looking for the passion, but also someone who is realistic about the hard work because a lot of people think they can just be passionate but you need both."

Rice also knew exactly what she would do if she could win The Greatest Degree on Earth, “I’ve always been passionate about fashion and design ...I would totally love to go to New York fashion week and see the models and see the fashion and work with some of the high profile designers."

The initiative offers boundless possibilities for the winners, both locally and abroad. Think Education and Torrens University want to use the Prize to broaden the scope of higher education and to inspire youths to think outside the box when it comes to tertiary education.

To apply you have to be interested in studying in the fields of Business, Design, Hospitality or Health. To win, you must submit a short video and essay describing in both what you think The Greatest Degree on Earth looks like

The four winners will be announced on the 25th of January in 2016 and students are encouraged to apply as creatively as possible. Click here to apply to The Greatest Degree on Earth.

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