Cardio exercise
IN PHOTO Clients work out on machines at a fitness facility in Arvada, Colorado in this June 15, 2009 file photo Reuters/Rick Wilking

There are number of 2015 health trends to try for improved health and a fitter physique. These are intended to keep you lean and to make your workouts as interesting as possible.

1. Body weight training

New York Daily News reported that the approach involves using your own body weight as well as other assistive devices like resistance bands, resistance wands and suspended cables. Compared to traditional weight training, using your own body weight is more practical and you lower the risk of injury by not overloading. It is a safe and convenient way to build muscle and strength. Gyms will not remove equipment and weights anytime soon but there will be some that will offer body weight training classes. Once you know the approach, you can perform the exercises anytime and anywhere.

2. Functional training

The training method has a therapeutic approach and focuses on creating balance between the joints and muscles. The moves are intended to improve posture and enhance balance and flexibility. Strength gains and cardiovascular activity become secondary. You will appreciate having wider range of motion as your functional fitness improves. It is one of the 2015 health trends that young and old people will benefit from. The method helps you stay fit and functional despite having a sedentary job.

3. Treadmill training wrote that treadmill training is one of the 2015 health trends that focus on a specific fitness category. Indoor group running is growing in popularity because it provides a lot of health and fitness benefits such as improving your running speed and overall conditioning. Classes are held featuring the conventional fitness machine which will have you do drills to improve speed as well as go through inclines and intervals. The workouts are less stressful on the bones, joints and tendons so runners can focus on their form and increase intensity over time.

4. Recovery efforts

The workouts are intended to help you recover from workouts by using self-care approaches for self myofascial release. The method involves core strengthening exercises, therapy balls, foam rolling and dynamic stretching. Sleep and restorative yoga are also integral parts of the program.

Try any of these 2015 health trends to discover newfound health and fitness benefits.