'For Honor': Reasons why the game lost half of its playerbase
In-game screenshot of "For Honor" cutscene YouTube/Ubisoft

First two DLC heroes from the “For Honor” season pass have recently been leaked online. The photos apparently looked like the game’s internal shots. Players can now be able to figure out how these two new heroes can be used efficiently.

The first two heroes to join the “For Honor” gaming list of characters are the Ninja and the Centurion. These two have completely different types, but in terms of skills, abilities and even armours and equipments used, they are equally balanced. Listed below are the need-to-know details regarding the leaked images.

First off, the leaked artwork for the Centurion and Ninja heroes has a distinct similarity with the silhouettes used for the promotional artwork of the upcoming season pass. Moreover, both new heroes have their reasons to be allied with two of the game’s main factions. Per the campaign tagline, legions of centurions joined up with the Knights Faction while ninjas team up with the samurai group.

According to PCGamesn.com, some fans speculate that Centurion and Ninja could be part of a potential fourth Mercenary Faction. This speculation originally was conceptualised from the placement of the Ninja and the Centurion in the fourth row on the character select screen, rather than beside their allied factions. This means that there is a possibility that these new heroes will have their own characters selection menu found beside them. The photos can be found at the bottom of the article.

Armour and weapon of choice

The Centurion hero will wear heavy plated armour. In order to complete his armour set, a helmet covering the front of his face and an armoured mask will be included. The Centurion hero will be sporting his preferred weapon, which is either a hasta (a Roman thrusting spear) or a pilum (a Roman javelin) found sheathed on his back. This could possibly mean that the heavily armoured Centurion will be a great tank and close range fighter with a hard to break defence.

On the other hand, the Ninja appears to have a distinct similarity with the typical shinobi class. This means that this hero is wearing the ninja mask, which is a trademark of a shinobi. The hero will also sport the considerably lighter leather armour to help him become swifter when in battle. The Ninja will probably prefer the weapon, kusarigama or chain sickle, which are well-known Ninja weapons. Players can assume that the ninja will be a close range attacker that can use his sickle for longer ranged attacks.

Apart from the new characters and their possible outfit and weapon is the fact that instead of the hero's specialty being labelled as Assassin, Heavy or Hybrid, it just simply says “Scrubmode.” This is still an undeciphered mystery that only the team from Ubisoft can explain.

This vital information from the leak looks to be promisingly legitimate. But until a confirmation from the people from Ubisoft says so, players can hang on to these details given by Reddit user Bones404 for data reference.