Mass Effect: Andromeda' gamplay trailer reveals lack of character's graphic smoothness and emotions
In-game screenshot of Peebee loyalty mission gameplay. YouTube/IGN

A 17-minute “Mass Effect: Andromeda” mission gameplay was released on Feb. 28. The video teased a loyalty mission gameplay given by the character, Peebee. It shows a simple test run, showing graphics and environmental interaction of Ryder characters during gameplay.

The mission starts with Peebee telling Sara Ryder that they are having issues as to where their ship would land. She then launches Ryder (using a small pod) to investigate if the area is fit for landing.

During the investigation, Ryder along with the players gets to test the different gadgets, weapons and skills that the game has assigned to the main protagonist. The first gadget used is the backpack thrusters. Using this item will help Ryder make a higher jump to overcome obstacles.

The next gadget used is the scanner along with her laser gun weapon. Ryder uses the scanner to check if there is anything useful behind the rocks. Once she finds out that there are items behind those rocks, she uses her weapon of choice to break the rocks and get the items. During the course of the mission, certain controls are taught to the players on how to properly navigate Sara Ryder.

Before going into battle, the video teaches how to properly equip gears to the members of the team and use their proper abilities as well. The narrator, IGN's senior features producer Destin Legarie, tells that building up the main characters as well as teammates is important for players to win the battle.

The teaser allows players to get a glimpse of the different weapons that Sara has. It shows how each of the weapons will be used and how much damage radius it deals to enemies. Furthermore, it reveals both long range and mid ranged weapons that the character has. The full video can be found on IGN's Youtube channel. (See bottom of article for the video).

The only downside is that the character's facial features seem to be lacking graphic smoothness and more importantly, emotions. With only until the worldwide release on March 21, it would be unlikely that the IGN developing team will have time to redo the facial animations of each character.

Overall, the gameplay and battle sequences of “Mass Effect: Andromeda” are very promising. With a lot of foes hovering around the battlegrounds, players are sure to be always up on their heels each time they encounter foes.