Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” official illustration by Capcom. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard/Facebook

New information has been gathered for the upcoming “Resident Evil 7” downloadable content (DLC). The datamine details that were harvested are directly related to the "Not a Hero" DLC of the game, and they reveal interesting details about the game's new mode, character and map.

First off, fans have been questioning who the main protagonist for “Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero" DLC will be. The datamine collected revealed that the veteran character, Chris Redfield, will be the main protagonist of the upcoming DLC. However, some players still speculate that the character who introduced himself as Chris Redfield in “Resident Evil 7” is not actually the real Chris but rather a clone or a fraud. Others are convinced that he is the real deal.

The reason is the sudden change of Chris Redfield's physical appearance. But the possibility of Chris’ facial feature transformation may be due to a call from the developing team from Capcom. They possibly did this makeover in order to allow Chris’ features to become more realistic and rugged to match the aesthetics of the “Resident Evil 7” game.

Another detail that was deciphered out from the datamine is the main boss of the "Not a Hero" DLC. It appears to be none other than Lucas Baker. Knowing how this psychologic maniac would think, players of the DLC could expect more mind boggling puzzles, cheap tricks and numerous child-themed mind games before they can get to the main boss battle.

The datamine also revealed that Lucas will undergo a drastic change similar to what happened to his father, Jack Baker, and mother, Marguerite. Players better expect a major boss battle between Chris and Jack at the end of this DLC.

So far, the datamine divulged that there will be a total of 15 tasks that need to be completed for this DLC. With regards to the area where Chris Redfield will explore, the harvested information stated several map locations from the ship and from the dome areas. These are all according to the raw data information of the game that was leaked by Reddit user GaspenPayne.

Finally, a set of possible weapons for the DLC was also revealed. Some of these arsenals include a military knife, grenade and the Albert 1 and 2. These additional details were according to a Reddit post by MonsieurCreamy.

The release of “Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero” DLC is set to be available for players in Australia this September. Furthermore, gamers will be able to enjoy this new content for free.