"Overwatch" official illustration of playable characters. Facebook/Overwatch

There have been some ideas from fans of “Overwatch” that can make a positive outcome to the already famous game. Apparently a certain fan was able to explain why a story events mode is a better fit to the game rather than a new story mode.

Adding another story mode would be a great push for “Overwatch” but finance-wise, the developing team from Blizzard won’t bother making a new story mode unless it would translate into monetary payment. This is according to Reddit user Burdman707.

The Reddit user further explained that instead of the story mode, developers should focus on making story events. One example given is the upcoming new character Orisa's reveal. Burdman707’s idea for the story event will be similar to this but with more advancements and reworks made.

The plan is to use the current map and completely redo it. This includes changing its geographic set-up and terrain outline. This change will also include new scenery as well to compensate the theme that the game will focus on. A new form of objective can be given to players to complete the map rework.

This will also mean that spawns of the game will also be changed and the roads will have police cars and wreckage scattered across the map. There will also be new ways to get to parts of the map that weren't there before or some spots completely closed off by doing new moves and the likes. The game mode will also have a bit of a redo as well. There will probably be a generator powering the huge barrier. It will also have a little version of it down the road. It will be like a Point A that has to be destroyed by attackers. The barrier will shut down once the attackers are successful in the Point A detonation. The next step is for the attackers to go for their next target, Point B (the gauntlet), which simply has to be shut down as well.

Another possible addition is that the related characters, who will play a part in the event, will have new sets of voice lines. An example given was Reaper talking about their objective of getting this fist and fully invigorated to do so and Zen would have voice lines relating to the dismay of such a peaceful area being attacked and many more.

In addition to the idea of this event, the outcome will be overall dependent on the decisions made by the players. The Talon forces will win if there will be more attacker victories than defender victories once the event is done. If the attackers win, the victory will be added to the lore of the game. If the defenders win, then the Doomfist will have been decided to be needed in the story. The next successor shall use it for the good of the storyline.

If “Overwatch" fans would really want a story mode, then this is a perfect fit. But seeing this possibility materialise in the near future would take a very long time to develop. Doing all these tweaks and new additions in the game will definitely cause a financial issue for Blizzard. But once done, the developing team can gain back its revenue by adding loots and items, which will only be available upon in-game purchases.