Hillary Clinton
U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. October 12, 2016. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Politicians around the world know how powerful and influential celebrities are, especially when it comes to supporting a cause or a person. However, it works as a double edged sword as some celebrities can become very vocal about their disdain and disbelief, including at US Democratic bet Hillary Clinton.

With the US elections less than a month away, Hollywood stars are going all out to try and change the minds of undecided voters. Arguably, Hollywood as a whole has taken against Donald Trump in a louder way, but there are some stars that have decided to against Clinton and are unafraid to voice this out.

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Scott Baio

Scott Baio
Actor Scott Baio, known for his role as "Chachi" on the television series "Happy Days," speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., July 18, 2016. Reuters/Mike Segar

“Happy Days” alum Scott Baio has spoken about his support for Trump and has, on several occasions, defended the methods and words of the Republican candidate.

“I like Trump because Trump is not a politician; he talks like a guy. And ladies out there, this is what guys talk about when you’re not around. So if you’re offended by it, grow up,” he told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro. “And by the way, this is what you guys talk about over white wine when you have your brunches, so take it easy with your phony outrage. This is the way the world works. It’s not a big thing.”

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner arrives at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in West Hollywood, California February 28, 2016. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Caitlyn Jenner has received a lot of backlash for voicing out her support for Trump, friends and family included. Even then, she has not stepped down or gotten silent. To prove that there would be no trans issues, she filmed herself while using the women’s restroom in a Trump hotel.

“I would never ever ever vote for Hillary,” she said in an “I Am Cait” episode. “We're done. If Hillary becomes president, the country is over."

Jesse James

Jesse James
Jesse James, husband of cast member Sandra Bullock, arrives at the premiere of the movie "All About Steve" at the Mann Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California August 26, 2009. The movie opens in the U.S. on September 4. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

TV personality Jesse James has also been one of the more vocal supporters of Trump and has no problem attacking Clinton. His Twitter account is full of retweets of Trump’s statements, as well as various media reports that discuss Clinton’s arguably questionable past. He also posted a video of himself planting a Trump sign on the ground.


Ok just for shits and giggles. Let's pretend this presidential election is... I don't know....A Job Interview for an upper management position.  Job candidate Number one comes in. He shakes your hand and makes eye contact. He has a pretty impressive resume. Yes he has experienced some failures and adversity but he owns it and has far more experience as a money maker job creator. Looks like he just digs in and gets stuff done. Personality wise yea he's a bit of an asshole at times but that's what you need to get shit done. Nobody wants a pushover running things. They want somebody tough. Work history? Looks like he's been at the same job for 30 plus years. Desired salary, he's waiving that. That shows where his heart is.  Job candidate number two comes in for an interview. She has a lengthy resume of different jobs held. Strikes me as somebody that wants to work at certain jobs but doesn't actually want to "work" at them. No verifiable references listed, She wants us to take her word that she did a good job. From the looks of her work experience She seems like a ship jumper. Always splitting for that next better job. Personality wise: Very disingenuous. I think she seems like somebody that will probably be an ass kisser while backdoor-ing parts. Or have a slip & fall for a workmans comp claim. Desired salary: As much as she can get over and under the table. Looks like we need to call candidate number one in for a 2nd interview #Trump2016

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Azealia Banks

U.S. singer Azealia Banks performs during the opening ceremony of the 21st Life Ball in Vienna May 25, 2013. Life Ball is Europe's largest annual AIDS charity event and takes place in Vienna's city hall. Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

Rapper Azealia Banks went on a Twitter rant earlier this year to voice out her support for Donald Trump. “I think Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business,” she posted. “[Clinton] is too tied in with them and Bernie has no clout.”

She also went on the record about Trump’s racist comments. For the 25-year-old musician, it made no sense to hold this against the real estate mogul as the past has not worked for the African-American community either. “Politicians have been saying "nice" things about coloured folks and we've still been getting f-----,” she wrote.

Clint Eastwood

Director Clint Eastwood of the film "American Sniper" arrives at the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 22, 2015.
Director Clint Eastwood of the film "American Sniper" arrives at the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 22, 2015. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Clint Eastwood, on the other hand, is making a vote against Clinton in order to make a vote against the current state of the US. “If she's just gonna follow what we've been doing, then I wouldn't be for her," he told Esquire. “She's made a lot of dough out of being a politician.”

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Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris
Actor Chuck Norris waves to supporters during the National Rifle Association's 139th annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina May 14, 2010. Reuters/Chris Keane

Likewise, actor Chuck Norris has taken change as his true motivator against Clinton. In an op-ed for World Net Daily, Norris questioned if the American people wanted the same “power-hungry duck-n-dodge” people in the White House again. He pointed out how Clinton not only disconnects herself from US President Barack Obama’s failures, but her own as well.

Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash
Actress Stacey Dash performs a comedy bit about Black History Month at the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 28, 2016. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The 49-year-old “Clueless” star and conservative political commentator once called Clinton a “very calculated criminal.” She questioned exactly why the Democractic presidential candidate has not been indicted when there has been so much evidence against her. “Because the president doesn’t want them to indict her,” she confirmed.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley
Los Angeles, UNITED STATES Actress Shailene Woodley arrives at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California April 12, 2015. Reuters/Phil McCarten

The 24-year-old “Divergent” actress has never been afraid to voice out her opinions. And when the US elections were starting, she remained neutral telling Democracy Now that she could not “immediately endorse” Clinton. She even admitted not knowing what to do. But when FBI findings came out regarding Clinton’s emails, she seemingly made her choice.