Some of the playable Gods in Hi -Rez's "Smite." (via https://www.facebook.com/smitegame?fref=ts)

Popular mythology-based multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, “Smite” received its latest patch today called the Celestial Wedding update. The update brings with it new hero skins, voice packs and the same old tweaking to balance the game. However, one of the major changes is the game's new training map that will help newbies explore the game.

Hi-Rez Studio says that the new map is "the first step towards improving our new player experience within Smite." The new training map will give new players access to the game modes of “Smite,” Joust and Arena. This will help new players learn the basics of the game without the hassle and pressure of competition. Completing the practice matches will reward players with experience and some in-game currency called favor. Hi-Rez notes that the training map could change in the future as they are continuously looking to tweak and improve the new player experience.

One of the game’s new practice modes called Jungle practice has been updated as well. Aside from aesthetic changes, players will now be given the ability to reset their allocated ability points so they can test out attacks on indestructible Odin target dummies. Also, players will now be able to purchase items from anywhere within the map.

Another big addition to the game is the new character named Khepri. Apparently, Hi-Rez found Khepri as too overpowered, so it decided to weaken him a bit to be fair to other heroes. Hi-Rez stated in a patch note, "We chose to reduce some of his ability to protect, while focusing more on lowering some of his durability and damage."

“Smite” will officially hit the Xbox One anytime tomorrow. Players should expect the latest patch to hit Xbox One consoles next month.

Credit: Youtube/SMITE by Hi-Rez

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