Headline: U.S. Women’s Health brand Pink Lotus Makes Australia Debut

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Covid-19 is not the only epidemic in  Australia. 

By the age of 85, 1 in 7  Australian women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer, with more than 50 new cases occurring every single day.

Historically, the  AU  health community has looked solely to the traditional hospital and medical community to provide direct and functional aid, leaving a sizeable void and demand for functional solutions and products that women require both during and after a diagnosis on top of their standard medical care.

What has been missing is a disruptive international women’s health and breast cancer brand like Pink Lotus, which just made its Australian debut in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since 2007, Pink Lotus has been making headlines in the women’s health field. The opening of its first-of-a-kind cancer facility in California followed by Angelina Jolie’s ground breaking prophylactic double mastectomy was just the beginning of what has now become an international platform for women concerned about breast health, including its online women’s community and recently launched e-commerce solution Pink Lotus Elements.

Ready and set for October, the brand has launched its dedicated  Australian website, Pink Lotus Oceania, making both its Power Up educational website and its Elements store available to directly support women down under with information, resources, tools, and their premium grade functional health products sourced from 5 continents.

The Elements store makes available product solutions for general women’s health and breast cancer recovery that otherwise would not be accessible to women in Australia, shipped across the entire Oceania region directly from their Sydney-based warehouse.

Pink Lotus is a refreshing alternative to the never-ending “pink awareness” product campaigns that have been cluttering real pathways for women who need it. As a one-stop marketplace and educational platform, women now can positively advance their breast cancer journey and recovery while empowering and optimizing general health.

In America, the company’s Elements store made a name for itself by making ingredient decisions based on clinical data and scientific evidence – not price and profitability. This approach is sure to appeal to the conscious female Aussie consumer.

For the 1 in 7  Australian women getting diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, Pink Lotus can act as a new lifeline whose awareness needs to be talked about and spread from community to community.

For many women, there will likely be a time or situation where Pink Lotus Oceania will provide a practical solution that cannot be found elsewhere.