Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow (Coupon Code Included)

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Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

What is an orthopedic pillow?

Far from the cushions of our childhood filled with down and goose feathers, modern pillows offer, in addition to comfort, all the innovations of easy-going materials and ideal shapes for the neck. Most often in the shape of a wave, like the iconic orthopedic pillow for neck pain by Ortorex, with a rounded raised upper part and a flat lower part, a memory foam pillow gives your head much-needed support.

The ergonomic pillow provides a natural support placed under the head for comfortable sleeping. Biologically, this accessory helps support the cervical, aligning the neck and spine. It facilitates blood circulation when lying down.

Today, many pillows are made with a fabric cover and soft fillings such as feathers, duvets, fabric cups, and sponges. But the orthopedists still recommend sleeping on pillows made of firmer materials like memory foam which is supportive and comfortable at the same time.

Perfect for helping to release tension, this orthopedic pillow is considered by many to be a therapeutic accessory. Want to reduce your stress and the pressure accumulated all day? Dream nights are yours thanks to the Ortorex pillow! Engineered with neck pain sufferers in mind, this pillow is available at 10% off for our readers with a special coupon IBTIMES10 – a discount that is especially meaningful if we remember for a moment that ergonomic pillows require a considerable investment.

Not all pillows are orthopedic

Do not be fooled by the wave shape of all so-called "orthopedic" pillows: many brands promise to offer you better nights with cushions at unbeatable prices. Note that a good pillow (like any bedding accessory) cannot be bought for a song while fulfilling the same functions as a cushion recognized for its therapeutic virtues. A good orthopedic pillow for neck pain will do what it says no the package, but it will not be cheap.

You will never regret having invested in a real ergonomic pillow: count a minimum of $40 to $60 to ensure a quality model. Ortorex might not be the cheapest choice – its price is in the higher range of the spectrum, but you will never regret the investment. After all, it is your health you are investing in.

Regarding the composition of Ortorex pillow for neck pain only quality materials: memory foam that is antiseptic and moisture-repellent, destined to become the ideal companion for your nights.

How to choose an ergonomic pillow?

Do not choose your therapeutic pillow without a careful consideration, a pillow must perfectly match your sleeping habits (position chosen for sleeping) or your philosophy regarding the materials with which you want to dress your home.

Regarding the position you prefer for sleeping, this can condition your pillow purchase in order to get the maximum comfort. Lying on the side? Your necks, which do not have a natural position in this posture, need extra support. So prefer a thick memory pillow (more than 9 cm) that will perfectly fit your neck. Ortorex is designed to fit the needs of side and back sleepers.

If you sleep on your stomach, flip Ortorex ergonomic pillow to keep your neck and spine aligned. On your back, an ideal position for sleeping to relieve pain in the neck, the pillow provides the best support. With the innovative materials used to provide a relief for your neck and spine, it is perfectly soft and airy for everyday comfort.

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