Fans have been very creative when it comes to a passion that they hold. And for “Halo” fans, one of these remain to be the ability to play the franchise on the PC. However, since this may be more of a dream than a future reality, a couple of “Halo” fans took it upon themselves to create a project to come close the dream.

Speaking of creations, there is one fan-made creation that will surely want to test out. Since “Halo” on PC remains to be a dream for fans that may never be realised, now there is one project that allows this.

Dubbed as Installation 01, the project offers more than just mere emulation of the first three “Halo” titles, VG 24/7 reported. A definitive timeline has not yet been set but according to the report, the team seems to be looking to release a playable build sometime in the next eight months or even a year from now.

The Installation 01 “Halo” fan game has been in production in a while. As early as April this year, the same YouTube poster The Chunkier Bean has posted via the official Unity forums some screenshots of the project. First, there was a demo shown in July 2014 which has fairly barren land for the most part.

A little over a year after this March, it appears that the same build now has an entire landscape of foliage and mountains. Even the gun has been detailed with realistic design. It’s a pretty good progression, considering that the team has also been hiring more people to work on the project.

Still, despite what appears to be a lot of work put into the project, those who are part of the team are not making money off of it, in order to abide by the Fair Use Policy set by Microsoft.

As of writing, Installation 01 is still a work in progress, and the video seen below is still in pre-Alpha mode. Already, fans are receiving the project well, some of which are already asking the specifics to be able to play the game on the PC. The developers are not yet announcing details, as the project is still heavily under development.

For now, fans can busy themselves with a new project from Microsoft. Over at the Xbox Wire, the company shared that it has partnered with Sandboxr and 3D Systems to let fans have a chance to customise their own “Halo 5: Guardians” in 3D goodness.

Fans can have a 3D prototype of their Spartan soldiers and customise their looks using 175 armour and helmet pieces. They can further make their Spartans their own by choosing any of the 30 colour variant, arming them with any of five fixed weapons and arranging them in any of five different poses. To truly set the Spartan apart, fans can also display the name and slogan of the Spartan with up to 18 text characters. All of the items are supposedly unlockable in “Halo 5: Guardians.”

Finally, players can choose to have their Spartans 3D-printed in small (4 to 4.5 inches), medium (5 to 5.5 inches) and large (6 to 7 inches) in size. The price can range from US$29.99 (approx. AU$41.50) to US$89.99 (approx. AU$125).

Installation 01 teaser (Credit: YouTube/TheChunkierBean)

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