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The anticipated "GTA V" on the PC will be coming at a later date, which has been recently changed to Mar. 24. The few additional weeks will be used for testing and polishing of the game, but it's all for the best, according to developer Rockstar Games.

Apart from quality, a lot can be expected of "GTA V" on the PC, one of which is the support for up to 30 players. Another added value is players can immediately get the "GTA Online Heists" once the PC version releases.

The PC version will have more detail compared with what fans have seen so far as it will run at 1080p and 60fps. Apart from that, there is 4K resolution and support as seen in the screenshots that Rockstar Games has already released. For the other features, "GTA V" for PC will bring the Rockstar Editor, where players can enjoy a wide array of editing tools when they want to create, edit and share gameplay clips on the Social Club or YouTube.

It's best to prepare your PC with the recommended specs if you are looking to buy "GTA V." Check out the link above to see the minimum and recommended specs.

With the talk of delays, perhaps one of the most infamous is the Online Heists, the free content for "Grand Theft Auto Online" that fans have been waiting for since the middle of last year. In the midst of all the leaks and rumours, IGN finally has a couple of details about the upcoming content.

It appears that creating the Story Mode for Online Heists was not an easy feat, and the bulk of the delay rested on the unforeseen complexity of the concept and multiple missions. Coming up with the four-player experience that the Online Heists has now took a lot of rewriting and testing, especially since the goal of the content was to make each player feel central to the story. "As it turns out, creating missions of that complexity for multiple players at the same time was much more difficult than we anticipated and every time we thought we were close, something would send us back to square one," said Imran Sarwar, producer and lead designer for missions in 'GTA Online' to IGN.

But this was just one of the things happening alongside the development of "Online Heists." Between all the new features slated for the different versions of "GTA V" including the first person mode and improvements to "GTA Online" overall, the team has been very busy with all the developments. For those who are looking forward to playing Online Heists, IGN reports that you will need to be at least rank 12 and grouped with three other players. One of you has to be the appointed heist leader, but that person will need to have a high-end apartment ready for a group planning. Rockstar wants players to try being a heist leader and a crew member because each experience has different payouts and challenges, all of which are worth going through.

As new content updates go, Online Heists will be introducing new items, weapons and vehicles, and there will be locations in the map that old-time players of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise will be familiar with. For now, there are five strands with 20 missions coming with Online Heists. While this only means 20 more hours of gameplay, switching roles can amp up the experience and reportedly make each replayed playtime different from the last one.

For now, IGN has a trailer of Online Heists, seen in the link above. Hopefully, Rockstar will provide a more concrete date on when fans can expect the Online Heists. Below is the official trailer with the promise of an early 2015 release.

Online Heists for "GTA V" (Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games)

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