Grand Theft Auto V
A promotion for the computer game "Grand Theft Auto Five" is show in a Game Stop gaming story in Encinitas, California. Reuters/ Mike Blake

"Grand Theft Auto V" players who wanted something different could do so through the use of mods. These vary and depend on what a gamer fancies. One that would have been a hit was the alleged "Red Dead Redemption" PC mod which is credited to the efforts of the .White Team.

The .White Team needed three years to get the "Red Dead Redemption" mod for "Grand Theft Auto V" to be done but a recent post at the GTA Forums just flushed all that down the drain. According to the lead developer, Mr. Leisurewear, they were contacted (likely by Rockstar Game people) and such forced them to stop the project.

"Grand Theft Auto V" gamers who were excited to see how the western setting could fit into a modern racing game, with most expecting a full port. But according to Mr. Leisurewear, there was no port to begin with. Instead, it was merely a map and apparently there were legal issues tied up to the said project.

Assuming the "Red Dead Redemption" PC mod pushed through, it could have brought in more problems instead. Unless Rockstar or Take-Two back it up, using these untested game mods on intended platforms could result in data loss or game crash/ corruption.

With the .White Team grounded, there is a chance that they may try again in the future once the heat has died down. But similar to this ambitious game mod for "Grand Theft Auto V," the best chances of gaining attention once more is when the current game offering is set aside in favor of a new hot game like perhaps "Grand Theft Auto VI."

Looking at the Rockstar Games roadmap, a GTA 6 version could take some time. The focus right now is the release of "Red Dead Redemption 2" this fall for the PS4 and Xbox One. There is no word yet on whether a PC version would come out though that could happen later on like previous GTA game titles.

Right now, the attention is on "Grand Theft Auto Online" with Rockstar Games aggressively offering added content. After seeing the "Cunning Stunts" DLC, the next one scheduled to come out is "Tiny Racer."

The retro add-on is scheduled to come out on April 25 with some retro flavor as mentioned in a previous post. It does veer away from the traditional high-resolution graphics though challenges may just entice "Grand Theft Auto" gamers to try it out.