‘Girl Meets World’ creator says he doesn’t approach season 3 as the last

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Girl Meets World
"Girl Meets World" casts. YouTube/Disney Channel

"Girl Meets World” season 3 has aired the show’s last episode on Disney Channel titled “Girl Meets Goodbye.” While the title of the last episodes implies a farewell, series creator Michael Jacobs said he does not approach the show’s third instalment as the last season.

The show creator has been previously interview by the Wrap, in which he got real about the show’s cancellation after three seasons on Disney. When asked if he approaches season 3 as the last, Jacobs replied no.

“No. I don’t think there’s anybody out there that wants to buy the last season of anything,” he said. He explained that when television shows ended in its home network and was transferred to another, fans will realise that there could be a different venue, something that he and the loyal fans hope would happen to “Girl Meets World.”

That venue can look at a project and say that a mistake has been done and would want to continue a certain thing. “Hopefully it’s open-ended,” he said referring to “Girl Meets Goodbye.”

“Girl Meets Goodbye” has seen the biggest reunion of “Boy Meets World” characters. They have helped Topanga (Danielle Fishel) decide whether or not she will take a job offer abroad when that means leaving her friends and the friends of her daughter behind. In the end, she chose to stay.

“I also have to say, my instinct for what this is worth, is I always have to plan a little bit ahead and think, creatively, what should happen if this went to another venue that is not necessarily a children’s venue,” Jacobs further shared. He also hinted that he does not think they are doing season 4 as he think the show may last until season 6.

As for the storyline for a possible “Girl Meets World” season 4, he said it is not going to be extreme. Since the show is likely airing on a different network, it looks like it will have more freedom to present more mature content since the characters are growing up. Disney Channel’s viewers are mostly kids, so it was understandable if the series was conventional during its stay at the network.

“Girl Meets World” aired in Australia through Disney Channel. As of this writing, no network has confirmed that it will pick up the show yet, but Jacobs has assured fans that they are having talks with other networks that might save the show.