The Bachelorette Australia
Australia's new Bachelorette is 27-year-old Georgia Love from Victoria. Facebook/The Bachelorette Australia

WIN News TV presenter and news reporter Georgia Love has quit her job to find true love. She has confirmed that she is the next Bachelorette for the hit Australian TV series. The 27-year-old plucky brunette will be following in the footsteps of Sam Frost as the next star of Ten’s dating reality show, "The Bachelorette."

The former news reporter revealed that working in the news channel as well as appearing for the TV show wouldn’t have worked for both parties. Hence, she made the conscious decision of quitting her job. Moreover, she believes that she has gotten to a point in life where she wants to prioritise herself than her career. The one thing missing in her life is love and that would be her number one focus now.

However, quitting her job for the sake of finding love, has not made her life less stressful. In fact, it has made her life a lot scarier and daunting, as she had worked very hard her whole career to get to the point she is in now. Georgia explained that she has loved doing her work but is now serious about finding a partner and settling down. She described herself as a girl next door who is far from being average.

As per Channel Ten, Georgia was definitely a “clear choice” for the new "The Bachelorette" Australia because of her warm personality and accomplishments. Georgia said that she was approached by producers to be on the show. She grew up in Melbourne but would be in Sydney for the next few months as she has already started working on the series.

Georgia has never been on any online dating sites and traditional dating seemed difficult because of her job.

“It is tricky for me being a newsreader in the public eye to meet somebody without any preconceived ideas and without me being apprehensive and also for people approaching me because they know who I am. It has been tricky being able to find who is genuine and who is not and being able to strip everything back and just get to know the person,” Georgia told The Daily Telegraph.

Sam Frost even believes that Georgia is the perfect choice for the show. Sam said it is important for Georgia to trust her intuition and nothing else.

“Look after your mental wellbeing because no one else does. No one else has your best interests (at heart) but you. There are lots of people in your ear, you’ve got so many people saying ‘do this, do this’ ... but you’ve just got to follow your intuition and look after yourself mentally,” Sam said on her 2DayFM breakfast show, Rove & Sam, reports

"The Bachelorette" Australia shooting has already started and the show is expected to air later this year on Channel Ten.