'The Bachelorette’
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26 men will compete in order to win the heart of JoJo Fletcher in “The Bachelorette” Season 12. Fans may remember Fletcher from Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor,” in which she was one of the final two women, but lost out to Lauren B. in a highly emotional episode.

Fletcher is back and determined to find her soul mate. Some of the men who will be competing for her attention, and who may eventually her heart, come from diverse backgrounds.

Credit: Twitter/ The Bachelorette

Brandon, who is one of the contestants, described himself as a “hipster.” Chad describes his biggest achievement in life as “being born good-looking.” Coley is a real estate consultant who loves the “Harry Potter” series.

There is also Alex, who is a “self-motivated’ US Marine, and Ali is a bartender. Christian described the most outrageous thing he did as "strip shows and lap dances in college." Chase is a medical sales rep. Derek has a “thirst for knowledge” and hates cucumbers. Daniel is a male model and considers himself to be the human embodiment of a Lamborghini.

Credit: Twitter/ The Bachelorette

Perhaps the most striking bio of all the contestants in “The Bachelorette” Season 12 is that of Evan. He is an "erectile dysfunction expert" who's in touch with his "very powerful and beautiful" sexual energy. He, however, doesn’t like girls who talk too much, clingers and women who have serious food allergies.

Grant is a fire-fighter who even saved a life. He evaded the police in Mexico once and has been slapped in the face at a bar by his ex. Jake is a landscape architect who sees himself being married to Fletcher with a baby in the next five years.

James F. is a boxing club owner and lists the Bible as one of his favourite books. James S. describes himself as a romantic and has been intimate with very few women in his life. James Taylor dreams of being an NFL quarterback.

Credit: Twitter/ The Bachelorette

Jonathan has a tattoo of his grandmother. Jordan was asked about the wildest thing he did in a bed room; he said it was hanging a TV without directions. Luke respects Mark Cuban and lists Superman as his favourite superhero.

The other contestants of “The Bachelorette” Season 12 include international rugby player Nick B., former Eagle Scout Nick S., Peter whose dream date is Scuba diving in Australia, former competitive swimmer Robby, Kardashians hating Sal, Vinny who can cook an Italian meal, Wells who is a radio DJ and civil engineer Will. It will be interesting to see who wins Fletcher’s heart when the show airs on May 23.