Game of Thrones
Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton in "Game of Thrones" Season 6. Facebook/HBO/Helen Sloan

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 is nearing its end and fans are clueless as to how the HBO high-fantasy drama will tie all its loose ends. The R+L=J theory has taken backstage as none of the recently released episode 7 photos nor the “The Broken Man” trailer points at revealing the true parentage of Jon Snow (Kit Harington). The popular R+L=J theory states that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Although an earlier episode, “Oathbreaker,” did hint at making the revelation via Bran Stark’s vision, nothing has been shown ever since.

[Spoiler Alert] The trailer also does not feature Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), who is in great danger in Braavos, after turning her back to Jaqen H’agar (Tom Wlaschiha). One of the new photos released by HBO, however, does show Arya looking out over Braavos. Fans are speculating that just like Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), Arya too will be reunited soon with Jon Snow.

Watch “The Broken Man” trailer here.

Source: YouTube/GameofThrones

The trailer shows Snow’s Wildling friend Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) speaking to the Wildling army and trying to convince them to join Snow in taking back the North from the evil Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon).

“He died for us. If we are not willing to do the same for him then we are cowards,” Tormund is seen saying in the trailer.

“Game of Thrones” Season 6, episode 9, “Battle of Bastards,” points towards a much-awaited clash between Jon Snow and Ramsay. Jon and Sansa will also be visiting all the Houses of the North who were once loyal to the Stark banner. With the Wildlings by his side, Snow may give Ramsay a hell of a time if the “good and evil” forces collide. Thus, the R+L=J theory may not be proved as of now but fans may get to see their favourite hero defeat Sansa's tormentor.

Back at Braavos, Arya’s fate may be revealed in the eighth episode, titled “No One.” If at all she is able to protect herself from Jaqen H’agar, she would have to make a long journey to the North to reunite with Snow.

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