After Darth Maul (Ray Park) made a surprise cameo appearance in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the full clip of that scene has now been released online. Park is ready to reprise his role in the future, and a concept art of the Sith Lord’s robotic legs has been released online.

The extended scene posted on the YouTube channel of IGN is also featured in the Blu-ray and DVD of the film that will be released on Sept. 25. The scene teases Darth Maul wanting to work closely with Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) in the future.

Although “Solo” wasn’t that big a hit at the box office compared to the other “Star Wars” movies, there is still a lot of excitement about Darth Maul in the fan base. The character has been a big part of the “Clone Wars” TV series and also appeared in the “Rebels” animation series.

In an interview with Forbes, Park said that if Disney plans to bring back Darth Maul he has a lot of ideas about what they can do with the character, provided that Park is asked to reprise his role. The actor did not elaborate on the comment or tease where he wants to take the character.

In the “Clone Wars” TV series Darth Maul and his brother started to build an empire of their own as the lords of the criminal underworld of the galaxy. However, their reign was cut short by the Emperor. Maul’s life was spared for a special purpose.

No matter in which project Maul returns in the future, the fans can see the new robotic legs he will use. The picture posted on Forbes shows how agile the character is, even though he has metallic legs now. It remains to be seen who the former Sith Lord will fight next in a lightsaber duel.