French Online Dating Site 'Gleeden' Sued For Targeting Married People and Promoting Infidelity

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French online dating site Gleeden has reportedly been sued for targeting married couples and promoting cheating and adultery among them. The French civil law mentions about fidelity in marriage, however, now it is up to the court to decide if the dating site meant for married people is breaching the law.

Gleeden is being targeted by the Catholic and conservative group in France since it believes that the site is breaking the French civil law. Article 212 of the Code of Conduct for Married People in the Law states that "Married partners owe each other the duty of respect, fidelity, help and assistance."

The Web site's advertisement of public transport triggered the Association of Catholic Families, or ACF, to file a civil case against the site, hence questioning whether it is legal or not.

"There are plenty of other websites out there which promote sexual contact between individuals, but what makes Gleeden different is that its very business model is based on marital infidelity," said  AFC's president, Jean-Marie Andres, reported the BBC.

The judicial system in France has all the codes, including penal, labour and commercial in written form that can be amended by the parliament anytime. That is the main reason why there is an uncertainty about whether the site is legal or illegal, since the judges can interpret the written codes in a way they want.

"Fifty years ago, many more people would have been shocked by what Gleeden is offering. Today it is only a minority who notice. So the courts will certainly not rule in the same way as they would have 50 years ago," said family law specialist Stephane Valory, reported Huffington Post.

Gleeden markets itself as an exclusive dating site for women. It has more than 2.5 million users across the world.


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