Adele and Katy Perry Using Online Dating to Find Romance, So Do 1 Out of 10 Americans!

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Katy Perry
Considered the number 3 most hot woman in the world, singer Katy Perry is also known as Katherine Elizabeth Hudson. Reuters

Adele, the British singer, admitted in her book The Biography that she had tried her hand at online dating site eHarmony after her split with  her boyfriend. She hadn't posted a picture of herself though and hadn't received any e-mails from potential suitors.

Another singer who signed up to a dating website is Katy Perry. She admitted to scrolling through Tinder, a popular dating app, and loving it as well. She is currently single after breaking up with John Mayer.

A survey by the Pew Research Center showed that one out of 10 Americans have used an online dating Web site or mobile dating app. Some of them have even found their spouse or a partner through it. 

About 38 per cent of the American adults, currently single and looking for a partner, have used dating Web sites and mobile apps. Websites like, eHarmony and OK Cupid have a lot of Internet users. 

Most of the online dating users are in the age group of mid-20s through mid-40s. Around 22 per cent of the users are between the ages of 25 and 34 and 17 per cent between 35 and 44. It is immensely popular among college-educated, urban and suburban residents.

About 66 per cent of online dating users having gone on a date with those whom they've met on an online dating site in 2013, compared to 43 per cent in 2005. Another 23 per cent of the users have also stepped into marriage or long-term relationships with people they've met on a dating site or app in comparison to 17 per cent in 2005. 

Some people are still hesitant about online dating, but positive attitude toward it has been observed in the past few years. About 44 per cent of the people said that online dating is a nice way of meeting peple, and now it has gone up to 59 per cent. There has been a decline in the number of people who agree with the statement that online dating sites are for people who are desperate, with just 21 per cent currently agreeing with it.

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