7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Marriage

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Getting married is a very big and important decision you have to make in life. You have to consider so many things before you walk down the aisle and say “I do”. Marriage is binding and it entails a lot of responsibilities. Know when you’re not ready by using these reasons why you shouldn’t get married yet as a guide.

  1. You are jobless

Can you imagine how difficult it will be if you get married when you don’t even have a stable job yet? You don’t have money to pay for bills, rent, and many more. Better find a job first to avoid financial problems that can ruin your marriage.

  1. You are not financially secure

Try asking yourself if you have enough savings in the bank before tying the knot. You need to have money to start a brand new life as a married couple and you’ll need more if you plan to have children.

  1. You love playing the field

Marriage is not for you if you still enjoy playing the field. You will be completely stripped off of your right to date other people once you’re married. Only get married if you’re ready for a lifetime commitment.

  1. You enjoy the freedom of singlehood

Do you hate it when someone orders you around, dictates you on what to do or stops you from doing something you want? If yes, then don’t get married. It’s only normal for married couples to look after each other, no matter how annoying it can be.

  1. You don’t like responsibilities

You take on new roles and responsibilities once you get married. Unlike when you were single, you have to ensure there’s always food on the table and bills are paid on time. You’re not yet ready for married life once you can’t accept such responsibilities.

  1. You have trouble trusting people

Trust is the most important foundation in a relationship. You can never be happy with someone if you don’t give him or her your 100% trust. It’s useless to live together as husband and wife when you constantly doubt your partner.

  1. You only just met

It’s important that you know each other inside and out before you start living as husband and wife. Attraction alone isn’t reason enough because eventually, your skin will sag; you’ll gain weight, and lose your hair.

There are other reasons why you shouldn’t get married yet. What’s important is to avoid making a major life decision that you will later regret. Marry only for the right reasons so you can have your own happily ever after.

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