The French tricolour, typically recognised as a far-right symbol in the country, became a part of a symbol for solidarity as the nation showed support for the victims of the Nov. 13 terror attacks, claimed by ISIS.

Much like the way Americans expressed their solidarity with the national colours after the 9/11, French nationals displayed the tricolour in ways, both conventional and unconventional, that apparently defied terrorism.

Tricoloured t-shirts were seen on the facade of a building in Paris.

People installed blue, white and red candles at the Place de la Republique in Paris.

The colours of the French national flag were seen hanging from a balcony in Marseille.

A French flag was seen near the Bataclan concert hall, one of the sites of terror attacks in Paris.

People were seen carrying a French flag near the Bataclan concert hall where flowers, candles and messages were left in tribute to victims.

The Guardian earlier reported sales of the French national flag were on the rise before the day of national mourning. This appears to be the comeback of the French tricolour as a symbol for peace, defiance and nationalism. The flag has so far been considered as a far-right symbol.

Brigitte Béjean told Yahoo News that there was a change in view in the country, regarding the use of the national flag.

“In the past two weeks, the change around the flag has been obvious,” Béjean said, “because the victims we paid tribute to today really represented all of the population – and especially the youth – so everybody felt hurt.”

“The flag and ‘La Marseillaise’ became symbols in the hearts of billions of people.”

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