Belgian police have arrested and charged another Paris attacks suspect on Sunday. He was among the 17 people arrested on the second day raid mounted by the police.

The man has been charged over allegations of “participating in activities of a terrorist group and with [a] terrorist attack,” federal prosecutor’s office said. Belgian authorities have already charged Mohammed Amri, 27, and Hamza Attou, 20, along with a third unnamed suspect over allegations of playing a vital role in Paris attacks.

A Belgian anti-terrorism magistrate has charged the fourth suspect while releasing the other 16 people arrested on Sunday’s police raid without any charges. “The investigating judge specialised in terrorism cases placed into custody a man arrested during the operations of last night,” ABC quoted the prosecutor’s office as saying, referring to the arrests on Sunday. “He is charged with participating in activities of a terrorist group and with a terrorist attack [Paris].”

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the highest security level would continue following the imminent threat on the nation after Paris. On the other hand, the authorities plan to reopen schools and subway on Wednesday.

Police is still watching Brussels streets. About 26,000 euros (approx. sAU$38,380) in cash was seized by the forces during the raid. In addition to the money, several other items were obtained, which were later examined, a statement claimed.

No further details about suspect Salah Abdeslam have been obtained. The police officers said that the suspect was not among those arrested on Sunday and he is still on the run. His mobile phone has been recovered that indicated his initial location at the 18 th district in the north of Paris and then later in Chatillon in the south, according to the source.

Another finding by the French police claimed that an explosives belt has been found in the bin in the Paris suburb of Montrouge on Monday, which was being examined for further investigation.

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