After a super typhoon hit the Philippines, the rest of the world is watching in horror as the death toll increases. What would have doomsday preppers done in such a situation and what would they bring when they flee home?

Experts claimed while doomsday preppers have been taunted for having doomsday phobia, what is happening in the world now is close to what these individuals are preparing for.

Aside from food and water supplies, hygienic products and dry clothes, those who are truly prepared to flee a disaster zone should also bring a shortwave field radio and a radio for easy communication. A Swiss knife will also be necessary in every bag.

For those with families, experts said even children should carry something but it should be light enough for help them move faster.

Travel jackets are also necessary for protection. Flashlights are also needed and solar chargers for mobile phones so that it is easier to contact relatives or rescue agencies.

Food enough for three days should be packed but preppers should prepare for the worst. If you can carry more food in your backpack, it would be a great idea.

Aside from the essentials, it is also a good idea to carry an area map so it is easier to locate where to go. While in most countries, evacuation areas are ready. In some cases where such do not exist, it is a good idea to have a map with you. A compass would also be helpful according to survival experts.

Your first aid kit is one of the most important things to put inside your bag.

Don't Rely On Technology

While technology can be quite helpful, if your mobile phone loses juice or there's no longer any Internet connection either to look at maps or find areas where to go, it will be difficult to run for your safety.

The key is to have a plan before disaster strikes and be familiar with the area where you are.