Holmes and Watson
A poster of the film "Holmes & Watson." Holmes & Watson/ Facebook

The first trailer of the upcoming film “Holmes & Watson” has been released online. The film takes a fresh look at the iconic detective, adding a twist of humour to make an entertaining film.

Will Ferrell (Holmes) and John C. Reilly (Watson) are back as two bumbling fools who work together to fight a common enemy. This time Ferrell is playing the iconic detective and Reilly is the faithful sidekick.

The twist in the film is that Sherlock isn’t the genius that the fans know him to be. Instead, he is a bumbling fool, aided by an equally stupid doctor. The two characters have to help solve a murder at the Buckingham Palace. The queen’s life is at stake, as the killer has promised to kill her in case he isn’t found in four days.

Fans who have liked watching Ferrell and Reilly in movies like “Tallageda Nights” should like this new movie too. The actors bring the same level of humour and wit to the scenes, and the plot about Sherlock solving a case should be entertaining.

The film also has a funny take on the calculations Sherlock is famous for in the recent iterations of the character in films and TV shows. “Holmes & Watson” also shows the detective to be a master of disguise, the twist being that only Watson is stupid enough to believe that the disguises of the detective are brilliant.

There are also some awkward moments when Sherlock and Watson meet any women in the film. Although Watson is a doctor, his speciality appears to be giving heroin to people in need.

“Holmes & Watson” is set to be released on Dec. 26 in Australia. The film has been directed by Etan Cohen, who has written the script for movies like “Men in Black 3” and “Idiocracy.”

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/ YouTube