Five nights at vault 5
A new mod for 'Fallout: New Vegas' (via

First released in 2010, “Fallout: New Vegas” is still getting fresh content through user-created mods. Fans have seen a dozen mods created for the game; some focused on new storylines and quests, while some further improved the game's graphics. Just recently, a new mod was discovered, which combines “Fallout: New Vegas” and popular horror game “Five Nights At Freddy’s” into one game.

A report by PCGamer details the new “Fallout: New Vegas” mod called Five Nights at Vault 5. The mod incorporates the basics of “Five Nights At Freddy’s” to provide players with a terrifying game of hide and seek against Mr. Handy from the “Fallout” universe.

Upon installing the mod, players need to find Vault 5, which is marked in the minimap. Once inside the vault, players will be stripped of all their equipment including essential items like first-aid kits. They will then be outfitted with a Vault 5 suit and a mechanical collar. The arena looks like a typical “Fallout” vault, and upon entering, players will be given a short time to explore the area. Once the time has passed, the robots will be spawned at preset places which the players can see on their map.

True to the “Five Nights At Freddy’s” series, the game will have players survive a night against mechanical creatures. Players can only leave the area once the night has passed, but players should be aware that the mod will become increasingly difficult with each night. Once the robots are near the player, the collar will explode, leading to instant death.

Unlike “Five Nights At Freddy’s,” the mod will allow players to move around the designated area. However, they can use doors to lock out the robots. They have to be quick to respond, though, as the door will open after a limited time, and as an added difficulty, closing doors lead to radiation.

The mod is available at Nexus mods. The modder behind it stated that it is finally complete, but further updates will be made to fix possible bugs.

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