Fallout 4
"Fallout 4" mods will be available on the Xbox One. Bethesda

Apart from the announcement of new post-launch content coming to “Fallout 4,” players have started to get hyped on the PS4 mods set to be available on beta soon. This is the last platform to receive mod support, and it seems that Bethesda is already including some features that could benefit the mod creation as a whole.

Over at the official Bethesda forums, the developer gave some quick instructions for fans and modders. All they have to do is link the Bethesda.net account, start up “Fallout 4,” select Mods and then log in. Following these instructions will allow the two accounts to be linked together.

The latest change in policies is the additional requirement of linking Bethesda.net accounts with Steam before uploading mods. The step was taken to deal with what appears to be piracy when it comes to using mods across platforms.

According to PCGamesN, the developer had been called out by one Nexus Mods owner. It seems that there are no actions undertaken when it comes to mods that are used from Nexus and uploaded onto the official Bethesda website, specifically for the Xbox One mod feature.

Bethesda’s update also enumerated the known issues on the PS4 mods. Amon these are the possible memory and performance issues that can occur due to the use of PC textures for mods. Sound files are also not currently supported in the mod, as the PS4 sound format is a proprietary format. Both issues are currently being worked out with Sony, specifically on how to get optimal texture exporting support and sound file processing support in a new update.

The mod limit for the PS4 has been set to 900MB. This is quite a lightweight when compared to the 2GB restriction on the Xbox one, Gamepur reported. Although, the developer did confirm that it is still working with Sony on how to increase the limit.

As far as the date for the closed beta is concerned, Bethesda has not yet announced an official date. It did hint that it is close to ready already. For modders, the developer has good news for those want to lend a hand in the closed beta experience.

“Modders who have uploaded a PS4 mod to Bethesda.net will be invited to the PS4 Mods Closed Beta forums to help with testing,” said the developer in the official forum.

"Fallout 4" PS4 mods news (Credit: YouTube/Hey Im Starlord)