The Simpsons Tapped Out
"The Simpsons Tapped Out" brings back the superheroes and super crooks in the new update. EA

Superheroes are making a comeback in the movies—and “The Simpsons Tapped Out” is in on the ride. From last year’s Superhero Event, the superheroes and villains are flocking back into Springfield to be in on the action in this sequel update.

Return of the heroes, event currency and the new story

This time around, there will be battles against villains, and players becoming villains against their neighbors’ superheroes. For “The Simpsons Tapped Out” Superhero Sequel update, the format follows Tap Ball.

A roster of three heroes—several of which are returning characters from the first event—will have to fight against villains. There’s more strategy this time around than just the mere life and level of the heroes. There are three classifications for both heroes and villains: Tech, Brain and Muscle.

Each one has an advantage over another, making strategy a little more necessary with the game more than just leveling up. In a nutshell, Muscle beats Brain, Brain beats Tech and Tech beats Muscle. That means pitting a Muscle Hero will deal double the damage on the Brain villain, compared to pitting a Muscle Hero against a Muscle villain. On the flipside, if the player has the disadvantaged fighter, it will take away two hearts in one attack.

Superheroes in the Muscle category include Pie Man, Bartman, Cyborg Snake and Radioactive Man. Tech heroes are Clownface, The Collider, Old King Coal, Fruit Bat-Man, Citizen Solara and Wind Lad. Plopper, The Collector, Fallout Boy P. Rex and Dr. Colossus are all Brain heroes.

The benefit of old players here obvious. Getting the prize characters (Dr. Colossus, The Collider, The Collector skin and Radioactive Man) guarantees more fighters in the roster And for those who chose to spend on premium heroes can reap the rewards now.

New prizes to be won

The event currencies in the Superhero Sequel update are a lot simpler this time around. There are only four that players need to take note of, and they each have their specific uses in the event.

The main event currency is the brass knuckles, which will be used to gather the main Issue One prizes. Trading cards can be traded in for different items from The Collector’s Shop. Here, players can get the Springfield Books, The Collector’s Lucite Statue, The Collector’s Car and the Lucite Container. Trading cards can be used to get band-aids in different quantities to help heal heroes. Band-aids are also considered currencies, but they can only be obtained as either craftables or prizes from the event.

The Finite Stones can also drop from tapping and from fighting battles. These are used to upgrade the level of Superheroes. Upgrading them will give more hearts, to make them last longer in battle.

There are two kinds of prizes that can be won in “The Simpsons Tapped Out” Superhero Sequel event. The first is the Issue 1 prizes will bring new heroes to players’ rosters, such as Cyborg Snake and Old King Coal. The Mylar Baggins, an Alien and the Aqua World Main Guard Tower are also up for grabs, while some other items like the Sciencewater and band-aids are in the list.

Visiting friends is given more weight this time around. There are Social Battle Prizes which can be won for every match against neighbors using felons. Players are first granted two felons that they can use battle against neighbors’ heroes. The first prize is essential since it is another felon Tungsten Dude.

There are other felons that can be obtained, including Stem-antha, Gluteus and Meg Ahertz. Some item and building prizes are the Kiosk, the Pie Man Epic Statue nad the One Week Wonder Films building as the last prize for the issue. Players can also get trading cards, first aid kit, and Sciencewater in the Social Battle Prizes.

New and returning store items and bonus donuts

For avid players of “The Simpsons Tapped Out,” the good thing about having played with the previous event is that some of the then-free or then-craftable items should already be in their respective towns.

Most of the items in-store for Issue 1 are premium items. The basketball court costs 60 Donuts, while the Wholesome & Sons Publishing costs 80 Donuts. For those who missed out on the Fruit Bat Signal ($5,000) and the Rad Mobile ($10,000) are back.

Premium players who are also regular visitors of neighbors’ towns may benefit from the Sequel Squad Membership (90 Donuts), which gives extra rewards for tapped Criminals. Players who are looking for additional event currency may benefit from the Satellite Station (160 Donuts).

As for the superheroes, Mr. Burns’ Fruit Bat-Man skin is back (90 Donuts) and he falls under the Tech fighters. Another deal to get is Citizen Solar and Wind Lad (130 Donuts). Both of them are Tech fighters and initially start with two lifeline hearts.

Bonus donuts for everyone

With the Issue One still a good way away from finishing, “The Simpsons Tapped Out” players have a lot of time to keep tapping on criminals to collect brass knuckles. The good thing about this is that all that tapping will not be in vain.

After skipping the bonus donuts from the last event, “The Simpsons Tapped Out” now has bonus donuts rounds once all of the prizes have been won. The bonus requires players to earn 10,000 brass knuckles to get the shot at winning anywhere between one to three donuts.