Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" players can enjoy the Flying Regalia Type-F. Square Enix

E3 2016 held a lot of new information for “Final Fantasy XV” fans. This time, an onslaught of new game details was released by Game Director Hajime Tabata in a fan Q & A segment, as teased earlier in the official Twitter.

Compiled by Gematsu, the Q&A details the battle system, UI design, gameplay hours and more. Fans zoomed in on Camera mode, particularly since Prompto seemed to be one of the surprises linked to “Final Fantasy XV.”

According to Tabata, Prompto will be the main photographer for the group, though it is also possible for players to take manual photos. Prompto is also not just a static photographer, as he will get better in taking photos as the player progresses. Players will be able to manually control the camera movement and direction, but this will come at a later time.

Leveling up in “Final Fantasy XV” is also interesting in that there is a way to give players a challenge even when they progress further into the game. Since some fans may prefer to still enjoy a challenge even when they have significantly leveled up. Square Enix is giving players a chance to cap off that level up system.

“In this game, one way you can enjoy it, is that when you’re fighting a boss that is stronger or a higher level, you can counter it with your player techniques or actual skill. For those that don’t want to level up too high or want to set a cap for themselves, there is actually an item that will help with that,” said Tabata as quoted by Gematsu.

As far as post-launch content is concerned, Tabata confirmed that there will be a lot of content coming after launch. The studio’s plans for the DLC are pretty much solid, but Tabata said that it is not yet the time to divulge details.

The Verge spotted the “Final Fantasy XV” trailer, which shows off how the Regalia transforms from your regal car to a regal flying vehicle. Dubbed as the Regalia Type-F, the transformation sequence looks almost the way a superhero’s car would transform.

Not only that, it can transform to another form—or it may be an extension of the form, making it look like a neat aircraft with hind legs. The transformation is pretty fluid and done mid-air. As far as cruising through the skies is concerned, fans can enjoy the view of the world of “Final Fantasy XV” up and above the clouds.

When the time for landing comes, the Regalia will shift slowly back to its original car form just as fluidly. However, players should take care of how they land. The video shows a bit of a rougher, rockier landing. But at least it did not end in a crash landing. The full video can be seen below.

“Final Fantasy XV” will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30.

Flying Regalia Type-F in "Final Fantasy XV" (Credit: YouTube/Final Fantasy XV)