Britain's Prince Andrew During The 10th Anniversary Of Harrow International School Beijing
Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. Reuters/China Daily

A key witness to the US lawsuit filed against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein by his alleged former sex slave Virginia Roberts died last week.

In an exclusive report, Daily Mail said that Alfredo Rodriguez, the house staff of Epstein for many years, died of cancer last week. The British newspaper cited Patricia Dunn, the widow of Rodriguez, as the source of the news.

Dunn admitted that her deceased husband knew about Prince Andrew, now in the eye of the storm because Roberts claimed that she had underage sex with the royal as part of her duties as sex slave to Epstein.

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Buckingham Palace had twice denied Robert's allegation as well as a statement from Sky Roberts, father of Virginia, that the prince even introduced his daughter to Queen Elizabeth during one of Epstein's trip to London. Sky eventually retracted, but it cannot be denied that the prince knew Virginia because they had a photo together taken in Epstein's mansion.

Besides the possible knowledge if Prince Andrew and Roberts had sex, Rodriguez had access to a lot of confidential information that could make matters worse for Epstein and Prince Andrew.

These include the black book that contains the billionaires' contacts, which includes VIPs, ranging from former US President Bill Clinton to members of the Kennedy clan.

Daily Mail also wrote that Rodriguez saw naked minor females in Epstein's pool area, knew the billionaire had sex with them and saw lewd images of these underage girls in his boss's computers at home. A 2007 article in a New York magazine said washing sex toys used by Epstein and his masseuses was part of his job.

Rodriguez kept the black book as his way of ensuring that Epstein wouldn't dispose of him when he's no longer needed. He refused to turn the black to prosecutors in 2011 for which he was jailed for 18 months but tried to sell the book to the defense team for $50,000.

Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz, one of those named by Roberts as allegedly having sex with minors denied the claim and sought that he be removed from the lawsuit.

Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, found his inclusion in a motion filed on Dec 30 as 'outrageous and impertinent."

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