Britain's Prince Andrew During The 10th Anniversary Of Harrow International School Beijing
Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. Reuters/China Daily

The woes of Prince Andrew, despite two denials by Buckingham Palace and supporting words from former wife Sarah Ferguson, are expected to continue over the "sex slave" allegation raised by Virginia Roberts, the former masseuse of the royal's friend, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

According to Daily Mail, Roberts plans to write a tell-all book about her orgies with men she was allegedly forced by Epstein to have sex with.

Besides the Duke of York, she will include other big names such as American politicians, businessmen, foreign presidents and a well-known prime minister.

It turned out that Roberts has been planning to write the book one year before she left Australia and returned to the US. Kate Kirton, a friend of Roberts, confirmed that the former sex slave is writing a book.

According to Daily Mail, Roberts was hired by Epstein when she was 15. He then paid her $200 for erotic massages she performed on him and his friends. Her initial meeting with Prince Andrew was at the residence of Ghislaine Maxwell in London. The second was at Epstein's townhouse in New York and the third in Epstein's island in the Caribbean.

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It was during the first meeting in March 2001 that the photo, now circulating in the Internet, of Roberts and the prince was taken showing him with his hands around her waist. However, during that time, they just went to a nightclub and danced and no sex happened between them yet.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew was spotted last week on a holiday in Verbier, an upscale ski resort in Switzerland, with ex-wife Sarah and their daughter Princess Eugenie.

The Duchess of York did not directly comment on Roberts' claim, but she told Daily Mail, "He is the greatest man there is. It was the finest moment of my life in 1986 when I married him. He is a great man, the best man in the world."

Mirror hints of the possibility that the alleged orgies between the prince and Roberts could have been captured on film since Epstein has secret cameras hidden in the walls of his guest room.

As Epstein's guest, the prince appears unaware that Roberts was the billionaire's sex slave, Mirror said.

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