Eastenders star Aaron Sidwell
Actor Aaron Sidwell at the EastEnders Meet and Greet event at BBC Elstree Centre. Wikimedia Commons/AnemoneProjectors

The BBC "EastEnders" cast, including Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren), Aaron Sidwell (Steven), Laurie Brett (Jane), Jake Wood (Max), Bonnie Langford (Carmel), Steve McFadden (Phil), Cerith Flinn (Mr Pryce), Lisa Faulkner (Fi), Danny Dyer (Mick), June Brown (Dot), Richard Blackwood (Vincent), Ted Reilly (Johnny), Diane Parish (Denise) and Linda Henry (Shirley), will be in the spotlight for the episodes during the week of July 24. It includes important scenes such as Steven talking about wanting to adopt Louie and Phil Mitchell's homecoming. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains more 'EastEnders' spoilers 2017. Read on if you want to know more about the upcoming episodes.

Steven tells Lauren about adopting Louie

Digital Spy reports that on Monday's episode, the Walford residents will still be in shock after the events that unfolded last week during the school prom. Meanwhile, someone is out for revenge. As for Max, he will start looking into Carmel's files. Plus, Lauren tries to convince Steven about confiding to Jane and Ian regarding his "illness." However, Steven is not ready to do so and will refuse Lauren's suggestion. He will surprise Lauren by admitting that he actually wants to adopt Louie.

Phil Mitchell returns home

Tuesday's episode will feature Phil's homecoming. A lot of people are questioning why he has come back. As for Lauren, she's not too happy about Steven's desire to adopt Louie. She'll tell Steven that Peter has to decide about this, too. However, Steven will consult a solicitor about applying for Louie's parental responsibility. He'll also ask Lauren to marry him.

Meanwhile, Fi will warn Mick about Shirley scaring customers away at The Vic. Plus, Mr Pryce will check up on the Fowlers after the shocking prom incident.

Carmel receives divorce papers

On Thursday, Carmel will receive divorce papers from Umar. As for Max, he will secretly sabotage things for Lauren. Plus, Max will ask Carmel to keep their relationship a secret. Elsewhere, Vincent finds other alternative plans for the holiday. As for Derek, Johnny will continue to help him. Meanwhile, Dot will refuse to accept help from Sonia.

Denise figures out Carmel and Max's relationship

Friday's episode will show Denise figuring out that Max is Carmel's mystery man. However, she will deny it. They will have a romantic evening and spend the night together at a hotel room. Elsewhere, Shirley will be upset when she overhears Fi and Mick discussing her future at The Vic. She will quit right then and there.

"EastEnders" episodes air on BBC UKTV in Australia at 6:15 pm on weekdays. It also airs on BBC One at 8 pm in the UK.

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