EastEnders actress June Brown at the 2009 Bafta Awards. Wikimedia Commons/Joe Freeman

The BBC "EastEnders" cast, including Rudolph Walker (Patrick), Ted Reilly (Johnny), Kellie Bright (Linda), James Bye (Martin), Natalie Cassidy (Sonia), Jasmine Armfield (Bex), June Brown (Dot), Dean Gaffney (Robbie), Danny Dyer (Mick) and Fi (Lisa Faulkner), will have upcoming episodes on Thursday and Friday. It will show the aftermath of Dot's accident and Sonia's reaction about it. Read on to learn more.

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Digital Spy reports that on Thursday, June 29, after Dot’s accident, she will be wheeled away in an ambulance. This will make Sonia extremely angry, blaming the other residents for not looking out for her. Unfortunately, Dot will need hip surgery. Plus, Sonia decides to ask Bex to move in with her. However, Robbie will remind Sonia that she might have some difficulty convincing Bex because she has her own mind. Meanwhile, Johnny will try to fix things with Derek, hoping that he’ll open up to him and confide about the true story of the recent events that transpired in the area.

On Friday, Linda will return and her loved ones, including Mick, will have a surprise homecoming and birthday party for her. However, Fi’s presence may ruin the party. As for Mick, he’ll be antsy about the possibility of a situation going horribly wrong. Bex will have a hard time deciding if she’ll take up Sonia’s offer of moving in with her and Robbie. Plus, Johnny will ask Patrick to help stop Derek from leaving Walford.

'EastEnders' recap

The episode on Monday, June 26, featured Patrick’s birthday. He wanted to celebrate it quietly because he didn't want Denise (Diane Parish) to spend more money, especially after the recent events that happened to her. Meanwhile, Yolande (Angela Wynter) returned to the Square to visit Patrick and Derek (Ian Lavender). Unfortunately, Dot tripped over Dave the cat and fell while she was preparing for Patrick’s simple celebration. As for Mick, he organised a surprise 40th birthday celebration for Linda. Elsewhere, Carmel (Bonnie Langford) announced that Robbie Jackson is the new part-time market enforcement officer.

On Tuesday, Patrick visited Dot but he wasn’t able to hear her asking for help after her accident. Sonia later discovered the state that Dot was in and she was horrified about it. As for Derek, he was upset about Yolande’s visit. It didn’t help that he clashed with Keegan (Zack Morris) again. He also confronted Johnny for not stepping in even if he saw the argument between him and Keegan. Meanwhile, Donna (Lisa Hammond) wasn’t impressed with Robbie’s training day for the market workers.

"EastEnders" episodes air in Australia on BBC UKTV every weekdays at 6:15 pm. It also airs in the UK on BBC One. The episode on Thursday will be aired at 7:30 BST, while Friday's episode will be aired at 8 pm BST.

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